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In true xQc style, the streamer finally revealed what he means when he says “the juice,” and his explanation is quite motivational. What is xQc’s famous “Juice” all about? xQc says “the juice” so often in his streams that it is now a recognized term in the Urban Dictionary. It defines “the juice” in the following manner.

In February 2019, it was announced that xQc joined Gladiators Legion, the academy team of the Los Angeles Gladiators competing in Overwatch Contenders, as a substitute main tank.

xQc From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Félix Lengyel (French pronunciation: ​ [feliks lɑ̃ʒɛl], born November 12, 1995), better known by his online alias xQc or xQcOW, is a Canadian Twitch streamer, internet personality, and former professional Overwatch player.

Juicer has different meanings depending on its context. 1.Something that is fulfilling, which has The juice. xQc defines ” the juice ” as, “The juice is whatever you make it. It can be anything. Nobody can define what it is for you, you know what the juice is right.



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