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Drew Starkey net worth In the past, Starkey starred in the Netflix series Ozark, as well as films like Love, Simon and The Hate U Give. Starkey’s net worth is estimated to be $100,000, according to Celebs In Depth.May 24, 2020

27 yearsNovember 4, 1993

Secondly, How tall is Drew from Outer Banks?

6 feet and 2 inches

Subsequently, Was Drew Starkey in Ozark?

Drew Starkey plays Rafe Cameron. Drew has already got a few big names under his belt, including Love, Simon in which he played Garrett. He’s also starred in Ozark as well as Scream: the TV series.

Likewise, Who did Drew Starkey play in Ozark?

Jason Bateman…Martin ‘Marty’ Byrde
Bethany Anne Lind… Grace Young
Drew Starkey… Boy
Sherry Richards… Clerk
Carroll M. Johnson… Boater

Who drew Starkey plays?


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How old is Drew Starkey from Outer Banks?

Basic Info
Age 27 years old
Nick Name Drew
Family Name Starkey
Birth PlaceNorth Carolina, United States

Who is Dell on the Ozarks?

Esai Morales

Is Rafe from Outer Banks in Ozark?

Rafe—Drew Starkey He has previously made appearances in Netflix shows like Ozark and Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, appeared in moves like Just Mercy, The Hate U Give and Love, Simon and appeared in a number of episodes of the TV version of Scream. Outer Banks is streaming now on Netflix.Apr 17, 2020

How much does Drew Starkey weigh?

around 82 kg

Who kills del in Ozark?

In one great masterstroke of financial chicanery, Marty manages to convince the cartel and the Snells to invest together in a riverboat casino that would allow drugs and bad money to flow freely. But Del uses the word redneck in Darlene’s presence and she shoots him in the head.Aug 30, 2018

How old is Drew Starkey?

27 yearsNovember 4, 1993

How old is Drew from Outer Banks?

Does Ruth get killed in Ozark?

Frank Jr was left incandescent with rage when he was pulled in for questioning by the FBI over the incident. In Case of Emergency saw Frank Jr subjecting Ruth to a brutal beating which nearly left her dead.Apr 16, 2020

Who plays the therapist on Ozark?

Sue (played by Marylouise Burke) made her introduction to the Ozark universe in the season three premiere.Aug 21, 2020

Who killed therapist in Ozark?

Nelson’s confrontation with Ben was one of his two major appearances in Ozark Season 3, the first being when he killed the therapist who was extorting Marty and Wendy for learning about their business.Apr 17, 2020

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