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Draco is number 7 on the slytherin quidditch team and Harry is also number 7 on the Gryffindor quidditch team.

Thereof Why did Draco stop playing Quidditch? 4 Draco Quit Quidditch

Because of the strictness an severity of his tasks, Draco eventually loses all interest in his previous Hogwarts activities. His grades began to suffer during his sixth year, and he eventually loses interest in Quidditch. He even has a fellow Slytherin, Harper, take his place on the team.

What quidditch number is George Weasley? We never actually hear about numbers on the Quidditch robes in the books, so officially George does not have a Quidditch number. The movies do use numbers on the Quidditch robes, an added detail I find I kind of like. Most sports use numbered uniforms so it’s a good look.

Subsequently, What was Draco Malfoys Patronus? His Patronus is a dragon, since his name means dragon in Latin and he shows no particular fondness for any other creature. He could also have a white peacock Patronus, since Malfoy Manor has white peacocks at the entrance.

What number is Harry Potter in quidditch?

Harry wore the jersey with the number seven often as Seeker.

Does Draco have a Patronus? His Patronus is a dragon, since his name means dragon in Latin and he shows no particular fondness for any other creature. He could also have a white peacock Patronus, since Malfoy Manor has white peacocks at the entrance.

What is the Slytherin common room like? The Slytherin Common Room The common room was a dungeon-like room with greenish lamps and chairs. This dungeon extended partway under the lake, giving the light in the room a green tinge. The common room had lots of low backed black and dark green button-tufted, leather sofas; skulls; and dark wood cupboards.

Who first shows Harry the diary of Tom Riddle? Who had Tom Riddle’s diary before Harry Potter? – Quora. , 8+ years Tech Analyst. Harry found Tom Riddle’s diary with Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets. Prior to that, it was with Lucious Malfoy who slipped it into Ginny’s stuff in Diagon Alley, the exact motive behind it was not clear.

Was Fred’s death foreshadowed?

Well, if you really know you’re British history, you’ll know that Fred’s death was foreshadowed when George lost his ear, because King George III was deaf in one ear and ascended to the throne due to the untimely death of Prince Frederick.

What were Fred and George’s Patronuses? Fred and George Weasley have the same Patronus shape: A magpie. Rowling revealed on Twitter that the Weasley twins both cast Patronus charms shaped like a magpie, which is a type of bird.

Did Draco go to Fred’s funeral?

When Fred Weasley died, Draco felt sad that he was the reason. … At Fred’s funeral, which Draco attended, he stood at the back, careful not to be seen. After everybody left, he went to the tombstone and started sobbing and set down some flowers. He apologized about being the reason that he died.

What is Ron’s Patronus? Ron’s Patronus is a Jack Russell Terrier. Here’s why we think this particular four-legged friend makes perfect sense for the youngest Weasley brother.

What is Hermione Patronus?

Otter (Hermione Granger)

Her Patronus, the otter, is a clever and dexterous animal; some have even been known to juggle small rocks.

What is Ginny’s jersey number?

Arthur and Molly Weasley had seven children; Ginny Weasley is the seventh of them, and the only daughter. There are also seven players on a standard Quidditch team, with seven also being the number on Harry Potter’s Quidditch uniform.

What is Ron’s jersey number? 9 because of Michael Jordan. From a potential All-Star to a vital role player, Ron Harper had an NBA career can only dream of.

What are the 4 balls in Quidditch? A Quidditch team is composed of seven people – three Chasers, two Beaters, a Keeper and a Seeker – with four balls in play (a Quaffle, two Bludgers and a Golden Snitch).

What is Draco’s pet?

The evil Draco Malfoy, Harry’s rival, has the biggest owl of all in England, the Eurasian Eagle-Owl. [Eurasian Eagle-Owl call] With sinister orange-red eyes, he makes a perfect pet for a villain [Eurasian Eagle-Owl].

What happens if a boy tries to enter the Gryffindor girls dormitories? The staircase to the girl’s dormitory was enchanted so that if a boy attempted to enter the dormitory, a wailing klaxon went off and the staircase turned into a stone slide, sending them back to the Common Room.

What is the Hufflepuff password?

In order to reveal the entrance, no password was required. Instead, one must tap the barrel two from the bottom, middle of the second row, in the rhythm of “Helga Hufflepuff”, which would make the lid swing open, exposing a passageway that would lead to the basement when crawled through.

What is the Gryffindor password? An iconic moment, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone boasted the very first utterance of a Gryffindor password. It was ‘Caput Draconis‘ which is Latin for ‘dragon’s head’ and that definitely fits as a straightforward password for the common room.

Is Tom Riddle diary a Horcrux?

Riddle’s Diary was a simple blank diary, which Tom Riddle transformed into a Horcrux. The diary was made into a Horcrux in 1943, during Riddle’s sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was the first Horcrux he ever made and was used as a weapon.

Who gave Ginny Tom Riddle diary? The diary was put there by Lucius Malfoy in Diagon Alley. He put it there while mocking Ginny about her books being handed down and her family being poor. While he did that he reached into Ginny’s cauldron, took a book out, and slipped another one in with it.

Who is Mattheo Riddle to Tom Riddle?

Originally Answered: Who is Mattheo Riddle? Matthew Thomas Riddle (29th December 1991 – Present), born to Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr. and Bellatrix Lestrange. Matthew was the second eldest out of all 3 of his siblings, he was a mere 10 seconds older than his twin sister Aliana .

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