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The confrontation between Melody and Franklin at the ending of “Snowfall” Season 4 is a tense moment that illustrates precisely the kind of man Franklin Saint truly is. We’ll explain it. As the pair talk in the church in Odessa, Texas, the tension slowly mounts.

She then joined up with Manboy and his crew in a plot to hijack one of Franklin’s shipments, however, Franklin and Manboy called a truce on the condition that the Crips drop Wanda, who later goes homeless and broke. After an attempt on Leon’s life by the Bloods, she was wounded and placed in the hospital.

I don’t want hear anywhere near the business. Wanda Bell is Leon Simmon’s girlfriend who first appeared in Season 2 . She develops a strong addiction to crack, and even stole some of Franklin’s product for her own personal use. Leon ended things with her later on.

6 Where Is Lucia? Just like that, one of the central figures in the story vanished. Lucia was a major part of Snowfall for two seasons and by the time the third came around, she was gone. We still haven’t received a good explanation as to where she went but let’s hope that Season 4 brings more answers than questions.

What episode does Leon try to save Wanda?

It’s like, ‘If no one else has you, I got you.’”. In Episode 4 , Leon tries to return the favor by saving Wanda and getting her as much help as he can while she recovers in the hospital. Although John Singleton, who co-created Snowfall, died before he could work on Season 4, Bean says it feels like the way the story is playing out for Wanda …

Wanda and Leon’s connection also underscores aspects of her humanity, Bean says. “They have love, like really genuine love. And more than anything, which I feel is greater than love, they have loyalty,” the Atlanta native adds. “Which is rare even now. Wanda and Leon both see the genuineness and loyalty they have for one another …

Walter Mosley, who co-writes and executive-produces Snowfall, says Bean’s ability to bring depth to Wanda has allowed her to deliver some of the best acting he has ever seen. “This group of actors that we have really has grown and developed over time and you’re just going to love them this season,” Mosley says.

Yet, in the latest installment, which aired this past Wednesday, viewers saw Wanda ( Insecure ‘s Gail Bean) not only yell and warn Leon (Isaiah John)

In that way, Leon and Wanda are like a chosen family, she says. “Their home lives growing up may not have been as supportive as the loving family unit Franklin has,” Bean continues. “As dysfunctional as Franklin’s home life may come across, he still has the support and love of his family.

Why did Melody shoot Franklin?

Melody shot Franklin because she suspected Franklin had shot and killed her father, police sergeant Andre Wright. Indeed, Franklin had killed Andre when the man refused to back down from his investigation into Franklin’s criminal enterprise. The confrontation between Melody and Franklin at the ending of “Snowfall” Season 4 is a tense moment …

Melody replies she’s willing to leave Franklin alone and never bother him again if he can just look her in the eye and admit he killed her father. Franklin gives her a long look, but says nothing, turning to leave instead. For a moment Franklin pauses, simply standing there with his back to Melody.



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