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Fox learned 50 Cent dumped her on the radio

In the extensive interview with VladTV, Fox also recalled the moment she found out her relationship ended. According to her, things shifted after the World Music Awards in October 2003. She said 50 Cent went on the radio and said they broke up, and a friend told her about it.

Accordingly, Is Vivica Fox in a relationship?

Fox said in the initial interview, “I’m happily single to be very honest with you. … Fox’s previous relationships include those with her ex-husband, Christopher Harvest, to whom she was married from 1998 to 2002, and rapper 50 Cent.

Moreover, Is 50 Cent still dating Cuban Link?

Cuban Link has been dating 50 Cent since at least 2019. … Now, @_Cuban_Link, what that clip didn’t show was that I said he now has a hawt girlfriend & I’m happy 4 him! So stay in ya bag boo don’t get nervous!

Also How does 50 Cent feel about Vivica Fox?

In a new interview, 50 Cent supports Vivica A. Fox, saying he is “not bothered” by the actress calling him “the love of her life” earlier this week. As theGrio previously reported, Fox opened up this week on her past relationship with 50 Cent, going so far as to call the rapper “the love of her life.”

Who is 50 Cent dating right now?

Who is 50 Cent’s girlfriend Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines and how old is she? JAMIRA ‘Cuban Link’ Haines and rapper 50 Cent went public with their relationship in 2019. The model has been trending on social media after she responded to 50’s ex, Vivica Fox’s comment about him being “the love of her life.”

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Is Machine Gun Kelly with Megan Fox?

Kelly and Fox have been dating for over a year and have made no secret of how madly in love they are. At the MTV VMAs on Sunday, Fox called Kelly her future baby daddy on camera.

Who dated Vivica Fox?

Fox and 50 Cent date? Vivia and 50 Cent briefly dated back in 2003. He first made his affections known at the 2003 BET Awards when he was on stage saying, “And I’d like to thank Vivica Fox for wearing that dress.”

Does 50 Cent have a child?

50 Cent has two sons. The rappers eldest son Marquise Jackson was born on October 13, 1997. The “Candy Shop” rappers second son Sire Jackson was born September 1, 2012.

What is Cuban Link Worth?

A gold Cuban link chains can cost $27,000, but the most valuable ones will cost 10 times that. Many of the most valuable, handmade chains are made by just a few shops in Miami. Today, you’ll find prominent rappers like Daddy Yankee and Jay-Z wearing Cuban link chains.

Does 50 Cent still love Vivica Fox?

50 Cent says he isn’t “bothered” by Vivica A. Fox’s comments on their past relationship. … The actress, who began dating Fif in 2003, said all the publicity surrounding their romance is what “killed” the relationship, but admitted she still has love for the hip-hop mogul after all these years.

What is Cuban Link real name?

Felix Delgado (born December 18, 1974), better known by his stage name Cuban Link, is a Cuban American rapper and original member of Terror Squad.

Who shot 50 Cent 9 times?

According to Billboard, it was Darryl Baum who actually shot 50 cent, under the instructions of “crack kingpin” Kenneth McGriff, as revenge for a song detailing McGriff’s criminal past.

Is Megan 21 questions good?

The music video for “21 Questions” was directed by Damon Johnson, Dr. Dre and Phillip Atwell in March 2003. It depicts 50 Cent arrested and confined to prison, where he tries to keep in touch with his girlfriend, played by Meagan Good.

What’s the age difference between Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox?

The age difference between MGK and Megan Fox is only four years: Machine Gun Kelly is 31 years old, while Megan Fox is 35. It’s not Fox’s first romance with an age difference, however. Her ex-husband Brian Austin Green is 13 years her senior.

Who is Machine Gun Kelly net worth?

The 31-year-old is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Does Megan Fox see her kids?

“There’s so much judgment,” Fox tells the magazine of being spotted without her three children, Noah, 8, Bodhi, 7 and Journey, 4, whom she shares with her ex, Brian Austin Green. … No, because you don’t expect a dad to be with the kids all the time, but I’m supposed to not be seen and be at home with my kids.

Who is Omar Slim White?

Omar Slim White – Founder & President – PLATINUM REIN CORPORATION | LinkedIn.

Does 50 Cent own his masters?

50 Cent has revealed release details for his first album in five years, announcing that he has left his major label. After 12 years with Eminem’s Interscope imprint, Shady Records, Fiddy will be his own master starting with Animal Ambition, due on 3 June.

Why does 50 Cent and his son not get along?

In a 2014 interview with Philly’s Morning Show with Shamara and Laiya, 50 Cent claimed his son “embraced his mom’s perspective on me,” which ruined their relationship. Shaniqua denied the allegations, blaming 50 for mentally abusing their child.

Did 50 Cent sing Pop Smoke?

Or rather along his own lines that Pop Smoke interpolated in his freestyle that was later turned into a song by 50 Cent, who executively produced Pop Smoke’s album. …

Are Cuban chains good for pendants?

The Cuban Link is also perfect for wearing alone or with a nice Gold Pendant. You can add a nice Jesus piece or crucifix for an extra major umph. The Cuban link is also perfect to pair with a bracelets, watches and rings.

Are all Cuban link chains handmade?

“The Home of the Cuban Link Chain”. **All Cuban Link Jewelry is handmade. ALL WEIGHTS CAN VARY UP TO +5/-5 GRAMS.

Why did Cuban Link get his face cut?

Cuban L
ink, who had become embroiled in a beef with Fat Joe following Big Pun’s death, alleges that Joe set him up to be slashed, resulting in two permanent scars on the rapper’s face. The feud between the two has yet to be resolved, but has been relatively dormant for years.

Is Jaxxon real gold?

The JAXXON solid 14k gold jewelry uses a gold alloy that’s of much higher quality than what other brands use—it gives a long-lasting shine that looks expensive and has a high level of durability. … JAXXON also uses Italian 925 Sterling Silver for all silver pieces.

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