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WELCOME To Plathville toddler Joshua Plath was the 10th addition to Barry and Kim’s family. The Plaths were stricken with grief when Joshua suddenly passed away in a tragic accident. What happened to Joshua Plath from Welcome To Plathville?

Welcome to Plathville had a pretty simple premise: Parents Barry and Kim Plath live on a 50-acre farm in rural Georgia with seven of their nine children, who they’ve raised to reject technology, mainstream media, and many aspects of modern society.

WELCOME to Plathville first aired on TLC back in November 2019 and is starting its third season. The show follows Barry and Kim Plath and their nine children as they grow up and start exploring things that were once forbidden. Where is the cast now?

In one of the most tense episodes of Welcome To Plathville, Isaac had to calm Ethan down when he found out their mother, Kim Plath, had snuck into Moriah’s first singing gig. Despite being known as the next mediator in the family, Isaac is also known as the Plath sibling looking to be a pilot.

What happened to Joshua Plath from Welcome To Plathville?

WELCOME To Plathville toddler Joshua Plath was the 10th addition to Barry and Kim’s family.

Welcome To Plathville season three premieres on August 17, 2021, at 10pm ET on TLC.

Joshua’s death was officially ruled an accident by the local sheriff’s office, according to the Thomasville Times-Enterprise.

When will Welcome to Plathville be released?

YouTube. Welcome to Plathville officially premiered on TLC on Nov. 5, 2019 — and it wasn’t long before sharp criticism of the show began rolling in on social media. For starters, many TLC fans feel as if the network has dedicated enough time to showcasing large, sprawling, conservative, religious families.

Tensions ran high between Ethan Plath and his parents during Season 1 of Welcome to Plathville, with the newly minted husband pushed to take a stand on behalf of wife Olivia against his intrusive parents, who refused to accept her ways. The second season found the foursome completely estranged , and with each episode that passed, it became increasingly difficult to envision them ever finding common ground again. In fact, the season finale saw Ethan almost coming to blows with his father after confronting Barry over his bad behavior.

Welcome to Plathville’s Kim Plath reportedly encouraged Ethan and Olivia’s relationship at first. Welcome to Plathville definitely doesn’t give the impression that Kim Plath , the matriarch of the Plath family, approves of Ethan Plath’s marriage to his wife, Olivia.

From the very first episode of Welcome to Plathville, it’s clear that Moriah Plath is the black sheep of the family. When asked to describe their teenage daughter, Barry and Kim Plath paused and stared at one another before Kim urged her husband to tackle the question.


Olivia Plath doesn’t agree with the Plath family’s religious views, as seen on Welcome to Plathville. While Olivia Plath was raised in a religious family, she revealed on the first episode of TLC’s Welcome to Plathville that her upbringing was far less restrictive than that of her husband, Ethan Plath.

Following Welcome to Plathville ‘s premiere, Ethan Plath quickly became the unlikely hero of the TLC reality show. The eldest Plath child, Ethan was the first to leave his parents’ farm and make a life of his own with his spouse, Olivia.

There’s a lot to know about Welcome to Plathville. After all, TLC is no stranger to producing reality shows focusing on religious, conservative families widely seen as eccentric to the rest of the country, due to their traditional, ultra-strict lifestyles and higher-than-average number of children, and the Plath family of Welcome to Plathville is no exception.


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