What Happened To Sondra Theodore’S Mouth? – Celebrity

Sondra Theodore is not known to have undergone plastic surgery. However, Hugh Hefner pressured his models into getting plastic surgery. Sondra Theodore is a former model and actress. Best known for being the model of Playboy Magazine, she is the former love interest of the late Hugh Hefner who was the founder of Playboy.

Her relationship with Hugh Hefner ended up having a devastating effect on Sondra Theodore’s career. She told Fox News that at the time she met Hefner, she was well on her way to establishing an acting career, but suddenly everything came to a halt.

Where is Sondra Theodore Now? At the age of 65, Sondra Jo Theodore continues to be a California native, where she mostly spends her time creating art or making music while also staying out of the limelight.

Of course, some people have wondered why Sondra Theodore waited so long to tell her side of things, but she gave Fox News the straightforward answer: She was never allowed to. Both Theodore and her friend, Miki Garcia, wanted to share their stories but were never given a platform.



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