What Happened To Rooted Juice Tacoma? – Celebrity

What happened to “Rooted” company? My uncle appraises companies for a living and he valued Rooted at $28k because they are easy to duplicate and don’t hold any assets. Rooted has only sold a few hundred shots and is basing their profit margins with free help which isn’t sustainable.

Monique Idlett-Mosley has returned again and again to Tacoma even after shooting ended. TACOMA, Wash. — “I have to tell you that my very first impression of Tacoma is that I am literally in love with the city,” says Monique Idlett-Mosley, one of the stars of the second season of Undercover Billionaire.

Her Tacoma biz did not become Ryla Wellness. First of all, Rooted was a company started in 2015. Monique probably did not research the brand. Yes, they sell juice shots.

At rooted juicery and kitchen it’s our mission to provide our Cincinnati customers with the most delicious and health-packed plant based foods possible. All of our smoothies, cold-pressed juices, nut milks, raw desserts and food products are made with local and organic ingredients whenever possible, and made in house from scratch with lots of love.



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