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What happened to Gabe in Locke and Key? For the most of Season 1, Gabe was basically an overly helpful buddy to Kinsey Locke (Emilia Jones), whose family relocated to their ancestral house following their father’s tragic death. The Locke kids immediately discover that the house contains mystical doors that can only be opened with unique keys.

Gabe entered the scene in the first season of Locke & Key, when one of the Locke siblings, Kinsey, got herself into a love triangle after starting up romances with two of her classmates, Scot and Gabe. Both helped Kinsey on her key haunting, but both had different motives.

And as it stands, nobody knows Gabe is actually Dodge, or that he’s converted another teen to the side of evil — Eden Hawkins (Hallea Jones). If Locke & Key is picked up for Season 2, there will still be plenty of very dark surprises, and more villain twists headed the Locke kids’ ways.

Or so the Lockes thought: in a shocking twist, the show revealed that the entity had not only survived the Lockes’ attack, but had been hiding in plain sight all season long. With the power of the Identity Key, Dodge became Gabe, Kinsey Locke’s classmate, love interest, and fellow new student at Matheson Academy.

What did Griffin Gluck think of Gabe’s story arc?

In an interview with Decider, Griffin said he was very excited to play the evil guy on Locke & Key, telling the outlet, “I couldn’t stop talking about it. Even though I probably shouldn’t have.”

After what feels like an eternity, we are finally blessed with Season 2 of Netflix’s Locke and Key. It’s been over a year since we last saw our heroes, The Lockes, darken the magical doorways of Keyhouse.

What does Gabe ask Kinsey about the keys?

Gabe also quizzes Kinsey at every opportunity about how she thinks that the keys were made and where they came from, plus Gabe’s story about his dad traveling constantly sounds awfully familiar to Lucas explaining that his family “moves around a lot.”.

The scarier thing for everyone, though, is that we know Kinsey has picked Gabe over Scot, putting more space between her and the one person who truly had her back. It also puts Gabe in prime position to convince Kinsey to revisit the Black Door and reveal the location of the Omega Key.

This is a massively important part of Locke & Key lore, as in the comics (spoilers!) it’s revealed that the keys are made from that demonic metal, called Whispering Iron. Now that some of that magical material has been left behind, the Locke kids could possibly learn of its properties and make some new keys of their own.

But a last-minute reveal that Dodge had been hiding under a familiar face all along and that Ellie was the one tossed through the Black Door threw all of that into chaos.

As Kinsey’s new boyfriend, Gabe gets a front row seat to the Lockes’ plan to defeat Dodge, which is incredibly helpful, seeing as the two are one and the same.

Co-showrunner Carlton Cuse elaborated, explaining how the change was embraced by the comics’ creators. “We wanted to do something different in the show than what was in the comic, and obviously there was this demon character who changed identities.

Netflix’s vision of Locke & Key changes a lot from the comics, which makes sense for such an ambitious and esoteric project. Here, though, the biggest change is the reveal that Dodge was actually Gabe and has been romancing both of the Locke kids to get close to them — and the keys — whilst also helping to orchestrate their final showdown in order to save herself and potentially find a new ally in a demonically possessed Eden.



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