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Martin and Michele had been married for 29 years, 2 months, and 10 days at the time of her death. On January 16, 2010, MacNeill’s 24-year-old son, Damian Alexander MacNeill, committed suicide.

Three years after Michele’s death, in January 2010, Michele and Martin’s only son Damian MacNeill, 24, committed suicide (overdosing on prescription drugs). At the time, he was studying at New York University Law School.

On January 16th, 2010, Michele and Martin’s son, Damian committed suicide. He was a Law student at New York Law School, and his school said Damian “was a dangerous individual, who possessed homicidal impulses and discussed the joys of killing.” They also said he was in Utah the day his mother died.

MacNeill’s only son, Damian, died in January 2010 by overdosing on prescription drugs. The Utah Department of Health offers suicide prevention help at utahsuicideprevention.org, and the national crisis hotline is 800-784-2433.

Martin MacNeill died by suicide in prison, where he was serving time for the murder of his wife, Michele MacNeill.

MacNeill was also accused of sexually abusing his adult daughter Alexis one month after Michele’s death. Three years after Michele’s death, in January 2010, Michele and Martin’s only son Damian MacNeill, 24, committed suicide (overdosing on prescription drugs).

Alexis Somers, the daughter of Martin and Michele MacNeill, logged into her father’s phone and printed out his phone records soon before her mother’s death, Somers told ABC News. Her mother was suspicious of her husband’s behavior, and Somers checked his phone while he slept.

What happened to Michele MacNeill?

Though it was initially ruled that she passed from natural causes, two of her daughters, Alexis Somers and Rachel MacNeill, suspected that their father, Martin MacNeill, murdered their mom.

Martin’s only son, Damian, had a girlfriend at the time, Eileen Hang. At the trial, she testified that her boyfriend’s dad asked her to flush the pills down the toilet, explaining, “He asked me to and he just lost his wife and I wanted to help.”.

Prosecutors argued at the trial that Martin encouraged his wife to get a facelift since he was losing weight and focusing more on his appearance. After the surgery, he asked the doctor for a list of prescription medications, which was supplied to him. Article continues below advertisement. Source: ABC.

Alexis told the jury that since her mom had patches over her eyes from the plastic surgery, she wanted to feel each of the pills in her own hands to know what Martin was giving her because she too suspected foul play.

What happened to Martin MacNeill?

UTAH STATE PRISON — An investigation has confirmed that the death of convicted murderer Martin MacNeill at the Utah State Prison was the result of suicide. On April 9, MacNeill, 60, was found unresponsive in the outdoor yard of the Olympus Facility near the greenhouse at the prison in Draper.


Martin MacNeill died in the Utah State Prison while serving a life sentence for murdering his wife in Pleasant Grove. Utah State Prison. Martin and Michele MacNeill. Rachel MacNeill. Martin MacNeill enters the courtroom for a trial on forcible sexual abuse, July 2, 2014. Rick Egan.

According to the final report from the Unified Police Department obtained by the Deseret News through a public records request, MacNeill used a hose and a natural gas line that was intended for a heater inside the greenhouse to kill himself.

He pressured his wife into getting a face-lift, then drugged her and drowned her in a bathtub so he could begin a new life with his mistress, Gypsy Willis , who moved into MacNeill’s Pleasant Grove house days after the death under the guise that she was the children’s new nanny. MacNeill’s life was surrounded by suicides.

Anna Osborne Walthall, who had an affair with MacNeill in 2005, told police that he once told her he’d killed his brother Roy MacNeill, who “had repeatedly attempted suicide for attention, and had become an ‘embarrassment.’. He claimed he found his brother in the tub and that both of his wrists were bleeding.

Family members Kimberly Popish, Jill Harper-Smith, Linda Cluff, Alexis Somers, and Rachel MacNeill, left to right, talk to the media while holding pictures of Michele MacNeill, on Aug. 27, 2012, in a Provo courthouse. Scott G Winterton, Deseret News. UTAH STATE PRISON — An investigation has confirmed that the death of convicted murderer Martin …

How did Martin MacNeill die?

Upon investigation, it was confirmed that no foul play was involved in MacNeill’s death, and he died by suicide. Reports said that there were several suicide attempts prior to the incident.

After getting married, the couple immediately decided to grow their family and in just five years, the couple had four children. However, they wanted a bigger brood, and they added to their family of six by adopting four more children, per ABC News.


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