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Brandon was allegedly fired :

  • Dan and Laura Dotson are auction industry big-shots. Presiding over the …
  • Dave Hester has been in and out of courtrooms. Reality shows need villains, …
  • Darrell Sheets flipped his life around. Everybody on Storage Wars had a …
  • Brandon Sheets sells houses now. Brandon Sheets was a part of Storage …
  • Barry Weiss was seriously injured. Barry Weiss was an original cast member …
  • Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz split up. Opposites may attract, as proven …
  • Kenny Crossley makes YouTube food videos. Before he became an …
  • Ivy Calvin is still running his successful resell operation. Before he was …
  • Mary Padian founded Mary’s Finds. During her time in the Storage Wars …
  • Rene and Casey Nezhoda search for star-studded storage gems. Joining …

Here’s what Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars is up to now. Going once, going twice! Darrell Sheets is officially retired. While he left Storage Wars in 2017, Sheets still actively sought out high-profit storage locker items to flip.

While Brandon was guided by his father for the most part, he has been quite vocal about the struggles in Storage Warriors. In an interview, he revealed that veteran players often tricked novice buyers to make costly decisions. While Darrell made an appearance in all 11 seasons of the show, Brandon’s journey was cut short from the 9th season.

Storage Wars fans may wonder what is Darrell Sheets’ son, Brandon Sheets doing these days. The father and son team was very successful on the A&E show. According to his Instagram, he is all about family and nature. Brando was last seen on Storage Wars Season 9.

Another surprising buyer to make an early exit was Brandon Sheets, the son of longtime buyer Darrell Sheets. This situation was still messy, but much less messy than the Dave Hester ordeal. Brandon was allegedly fired from Storage Wars before Season 10 because the network couldn’t afford to keep him on the show.

Who is Darrell’s son on the Dotsons?

The bidders are as interesting and varied as the items in the storage lockers. Although Darrell, Brandi, Jarrod, Barry, Dave and the Dotsons have been in the news, fans want to know what Brandon Sheets, Darrell’s son, has been doing since leaving the show. Here is an update.

What about Brando’s dad, Darrell Sheets. What has he been doing? Over a year ago, Darrell Sheets posted to social media that he had a serious heart attack. This occurred during a Justin Timberlake concert. On Instagram, he asked fans for prayers, because he was having serious heart surgery.

According to his Instagram, he is all about family and nature. Brando was last seen on Storage Wars Season 9. After that, he went to Twitter to share that he was no longer “affiliated with Storage Wars .”.

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz have split. He owns a bar and has a new girlfriend named Rochel Beckman. Darrell has said he is “retired.”. Just a year ago, Barry Weiss suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident. He seems to be ok now, but it doesn’t look like he will be buying storage lockers anytime soon.

Who is Roy Williams on Storage Wars?

Storage Wars: Texas featured a cast member already famous before and outside of reality television. After buyers Ricky and Bubba Smith tracked down Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys star Roy Williams to verify his supposed signature on some sports memorabilia they’d acquired, the ex-defensive back went along on some auctions with the duo. Logically nicknamed “The Player,” Williams made memorable appearances throughout seasons one and two of Storage Wars: Texas.

Auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson ruled the Storage Wars roost with their unique set of skills up until season 10, when Emily Wears joined the cast. Born into a family of auctioneers, Wears proved to be a prodigy, working for her father’s Iowa company at age 10 and beginning her training (which included bilingual calling) at 17. She won a slew of titles as a teenager before moving onto reality TV, which before Storage Wars included stints on another Thom Beers auction series Money Barn, and American Idol. It would seem that Wears can sing almost as well as she auctioneers, although judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr., all voted against letting her proceed in the talent competition series.


Hester purchased the insides of an abandoned locker for $11,800, only for the company to realize later that the rightful owner was actually up to date on their rent. That led Public Storage to void the sale and Hester to sue.

Unfortunately, Weiss was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. According to TMZ, he was struck by a car mid-ride and spent two months in a hospital in 2019, some of that in the ICU and some of it recovering from back and femur surgeries. Upon his recuperation, he landed a gig as the “global brand ambassador” for California’s Sherwood Valley casino.

He sued network A&E and Original Productions for $750,000, citing wrongful termination. He alleged that Storage Wars was heavily juiced to guarantee good TV.

When Justin Bryant joined the cast of Storage Wars for its final stretch of episodes, he was just 22 years old, making him the youngest bidder and buyer in the show’s history. Storage Wars had been airing for so long by that point that it’s what directly inspired Bryant to give storage locker buying a shot.

This is the world of Storage Wars, an A&E reality TV series that aired for 12 season s from 2010 to 2019. The inner workings of storage law didn’t draw in millions of viewers each week so much as the show’s regular and recurring cast of characters — real-life treasure and bargain seekers, and auctioneers, from different walks …

Who is Brandon on Storage Wars?

Brandon was cast alongside his father and Jarrod Schulz, as a part of the very first season of Storage Wars. While Brandon was still green behind the ears, he picked up things quickly and honed his skills as an expert auctioneer. As Brandon often accompanied his father to auctions and followed his lead, he was afforded the nickname, The Sidebet.

Even though Brandon was a rookie who was just starting on storage bidding, his father Darrel was quite the character. Over the years, Brandon learned from his father’s aggressive nature and earned the nickname, The Sidebet.

However, after the end of the ninth season, Brandon was let go from the series. The reality star took to Twitter to address his absence from the show,

For the better part of the nine seasons, Brandon never went against his father. But during the later seasons, Brandon bid against his father using the same aggressive nature Darrel is known for. While Brandon was guided by his father for the most part, he has been quite vocal about the struggles in Storage Warriors.


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