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Is Chumlee’s death believable?

Chumlee Takes to Twitter. Since these fake news outlets went to such lengths to try to make Chumlee’s death sound believable, it’s no wonder that fans began to panic when they heard their favorite Pawn Stars personality was gone forever.

If that wasn’t enough to lets fans know Chumlee was okay, his co-star and boss Rick Harrison also sent out a couple of his own tweets, saying “Breaking news: CHUMLEE IS ALIVE & WELL! He is actually filming today but we all really appreciate everyone’s concern!” and “ [Chumlee] is ALIVE & WELL!

So, did Chumlee die off of Pawn Stars? And if he is, in fact, dead, when and how did Chumlee on Pawn Stars die? The short answer is no, he did not die—Chumlee is alive and well! Multiple news outlets have circulated a fabricated story that Chumlee passed away due to a heart attack, and some are even claiming he died from a marijuana overdose! Chumlee, real name Austin Russell, has in fact lost over 100 pounds recently, and seems to be in the best health of his life!

What drugs did the police find in Chumlee?

While searching his home, police discovered unlicensed firearms, various narcotics which include Xanax, marijuana and crystal meth, as well as traces of cocaine, which resulted in police arresting and charging Chumlee on several felonies.

0. ‘Pawn Stars’ is an American reality television series , aimed at satisfying the universal need for audiences hoping to sate their curiosity about pawn shops and thrift stores all over the world. Walking through the aisles of a second-hand store, one can perhaps not help but wonder what kind of stories make up the history of certain items.

As a childhood friend of Corey Harrison, Chumlee landed a job at the pawnshop five years before official filming of the series began, and although not part of the original cast, Chumlee eventually earned his place in front of the cameras.

‘Pawn Stars’ debuted in 2009, and since rising to astounding popularity, has completed a total of sixteen seasons during its long, twelve-year run on television.

A Menace and A Felon. In 2016, allegations against Chumlee about sexual assault caused Las Vegas police to raid his home. To date, the person or persons accusing him of sexual assault have remained anonymous, but the charges against him have since been dropped for unknown reasons.

Produced by Leftfield pictures, ‘Pawn Stars’ follows the daily activities of the Las Vegas thrift shop, World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, and its employees as they barter and appraise the many odd items carried or dragged into the store.

Regardless, ‘Pawn Stars’ is one of the most successful reality shows on television, becoming the most popular show aired on the History channel, and the second most-watched reality show in general. It falls only slightly behind the popularity of ‘Jersey Shore’ but seems equally as entertaining.



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