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When Asia Monet Ray decided to step away from Dance Moms, she wasn’t leaving the reality television world behind completely. Clearly seeing her star power, Lifetime gave Ray her own reality show called Raising Asia.

She was third place. Shortly after, Asia was invited to join the Abby Lee Dance Company elite team in the third season of Dance Moms to challenge Mackenzie. She remained on the team until The Big, Not So, Easy, where she and her mother decided to depart from the team as Asia no longer wanted to dance competitively.

Some of the biggest names to come out of Lifetime’s hit show Dance Moms are Maddie Ziegler and Jojo Siwa. And although their stars have shined the brightest since leaving the show, some of their fellow cast members have had some pretty decent careers post-show as well. Take Asia Monet Ray, for instance.

After her season-long stint on Dance Moms and a series of first place finishes, Asia did go on to have her own series, Raising Asia, eventually deciding to call it quits ahead of her 10th birthday. “I started to get a little burnt out,” she explained, “a little tired of the constant cameras on me all the time.”

Where is the Manomet School of Dance?

The duo is also hosting a pizza party meet and greet at the Manomet School of Dance in Plymouth, Mass ., on Oct. 4, 5-9 p.m., followed by an appearance at master class at One Step Ahead Dance studio in Staten Island, N.Y., on Oct. 6.

Despite Ray’s claims during the season-three finale of “Dance Moms,” the award-winning performer will still do what she does best: dance. “I will never stop dancing!” wrote Asia Ray on Twitter Tuesday night, confirming to fans that she won’t be quitting her favorite past-time.

When did Asia release Christmas Time?

While Asia has not released a single this year, she has found success in the music business. She released her holiday single “Christmas Time” in November 2014. Fans will remember that she premiered a song from her debut album “Go Back” during the “Raising Asia” finale two months earlier.

And that she did. Asia went on to star in her own reality TV series on Lifetime, titled “Raising Asia,” in 2014. And now it appears the performer is headed back to the small screen with a different kind of programming. Asia’s IMDb profile says she is in pre-production on FX’s upcoming drama “American Crime Story: The People v.



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