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During the end credits of this episode, there is a cryptogram that reads “ZHOFRPH WR JUDYLWB IDOOV.” Once decoded, it reads “WELCOME TO GRAVITY FALLS.

Furthermore What is Bill Cipher’s catchphrase? He has an iconic catchphrase “The universe is a hologram” and is very popular as one of the most unusual villainous characters. He is voiced by actor Alex Hirch and does not seem to have any particular weakness as he is a being with pure energy.

What is the backwards message in Gravity Falls? As we all know, against all odds, Bill Cipher was the one to die in the series finale of Gravity Falls (though it was originally intended to be Mabel). As he is being erased inside Stan’s mind, he says a message which, played backwards, says “A X O L O T L! My time has come to burn!

Subsequently, What does McGucket say backwards? After McGucket goes through the portal, he seemingly spouts gibberish. When played backwards, he says, “YROO XRKSVI!

What did McGucket see in the portal?

During his time in the interdimensional portal, Fiddleford glimpsed at “the kind of places where Bill Cipher likes to hang out,” which permanently damaged his mind. It is later revealed in Journal 3 that he saw Bill Cipher removing his exoskeleton to feed.

What is Dipper Pines catchphrase? “Stay curious, stay weird, stay kind and don’t let anyone ever tell you you aren’t smart or brave or worthy enough.

Is Gravity Falls OK for your child? In summary, Gravity Falls is a great show for kids of all ages, and with little violence and no objectionable themes. There are dinosaurs and time travellers and love and plot, and it accomplishes all of this is neat little twenty-something minute episodes.

Who is Axolotl in Gravity Falls? The Axolotl is a powerful extra-dimensional creature whose power ranks massively above that of Time Baby, Bill Cipher, and other types of powerful extra-dimensional creatures. He is mentioned by Bill, while he was being erased by the Memory Gun during the events of Weirdmageddon.

Why does Dipper have a scar on his forehead?

In the “Little Gift Shop of Horrors” story, Abaconings, Dipper tries to figure out a puzzle toy. Finding difficulty and wanting to become smarter he looks to the journal to locate Percepshrooms that would grant him that. After retrieving it, he places it on his forehead as the journal suggested and went to sleep.

Why does Bill Cipher say Axolotl?

Does Dipper ever date Wendy?

At the end of the episode, Dipper confessed that he has feelings for Wendy. She let him down gently saying that she was too old for him. … So, Dipper and Wendy’s relationship is secure and they know where they stand with one another. Dipper is twelve.

Are waddles boy or girl? Waddles is Mabel’s pet pig in Gravity Falls. She won him at the Mystery Fair in the episode “The Time Traveler’s Pig” by guessing his correct weight of fifteen pounds.

How old is McGucket?

First off, in A Tale of Two Stans, Ford called McGucket “a young but brilliant mechanic”. This implies that at the time of his flashback, McGucket was the same age as, or younger, than Ford. Ford is supposedly currently in his 60s, which means that during the flashback, he would have been in his early to mid 30s.


What does YROO Xrksvi Girzmtov mean?

(Cut to clip of McGucket) Yroo Xrksvi! Girzmtov! (Which is Abtash for: “Bill Cipher! … Cut back to McGucket) Possum Sanskrit. You name it.

How did McGucket go crazy? The overuse of the contraption ended up completely transforming Fiddleford from his genius self into a crazed old man, now known as Old Man McGucket, the insane local kook of the town.

Does Dipper get a girlfriend? Pacifica Northwest is one of Dipper and Mabel friends, and Dipper’s (official) new love interest.

Does Dipper like Pacifica?

Pacifica does not associate much with Dipper, dismissing him as “lame.” They possess a mutual dislike for each other mainly due to Pacifica’s early mistreatment of Mabel as well as her snobby personality and wealthy lifestyle.

Is Dipper’s real name Mason? Mason “Dipper” Pines is a fictional character and one of the two lead characters of the Disney Channel animated series Gravity Falls. The character is voiced by Jason Ritter, and designed by and loosely based on the childhood of series creator Alex Hirsch.

Why did Gravity Falls end?

On November 20, 2015, Hirsch announced (via Tumblr) that Gravity Falls only had two more episodes left and would end with season 2. … That would have failed to provide a satisfying payoff in Gravity Falls season 3 and beyond. Ultimately, Alex Hirsch’s decision to finish Gravity Falls with season 2 is wise.

What is the twist in Gravity Falls? In the climactic four-part finale, “Weirdmageddon,” Bill Cipher manages to cross over into the real world and plunge Gravity Falls and its townspeople into a state of chaos. It’s up to the Pines family to put a stop to Bill’s evil plans, but first they have to come to terms with their own internal conflicts.

What age group is Amphibia for?

RATINGS: Disney Channel’s AMPHIBIA Scores Strongest Week Yet

In its 4th week (week of 7/8/19), Disney Channel’s “Amphibia” grew for the 2nd straight week among Kids 6-11 (+1% – 137,000/0.57 rating vs. 135,000/0.57 rating) and for the 3rd consecutive week with Tweens 9-14 (+15% – 99,000/0.41 rating vs.

What is Dipper’s real name? Mason “Dipper” Pines is a fictional character and one of the two lead characters of the Disney Channel animated series Gravity Falls. The character is voiced by Jason Ritter, and designed by and loosely based on the childhood of series creator Alex Hirsch.

What’s on Dipper’s forehead?

Background. Dipper was born five minutes after his twin Mabel. … Unlike Mabel, Dipper was born with a birthmark on his forehead. The birthmark was the subject of ridicule for Dipper until he started hiding it after he was five years old.

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