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(Cut to clip of McGucket) Yroo Xrksvi! Girzmtov! (Which is Abtash for: “Bill Cipher! … Cut back to McGucket) Possum Sanskrit. You name it.

Then Are waddles boy or girl? Waddles is Mabel’s pet pig in Gravity Falls. She won him at the Mystery Fair in the episode “The Time Traveler’s Pig” by guessing his correct weight of fifteen pounds.

Who is Fiddleford McGucket? Fiddleford Hadron McGucket, better known as Old Man McGucket, is a recurring character in the Disney Channel animated series Gravity Falls. He is one of the oldest known people in Gravity Falls, Oregon, and is the local kook.

in the same way, What does McGucket say in society of the blind eye? At the end of Old Man McGucket’s memories, he says “YROO XRKSVI! GIRZMTOV,” and forms a triangle over his eye with his fingers. He is actually speaking in Atbash, and when translated he says “BILL CIPHER! TRIANGLE,” hinting that Bill Cipher may have had something to do with McGucket’s past.

Is reverse Falls real?

Reverse Falls is an alternate version of Gravity Falls created by fans of the show, and is the subject of many fan fictions, as well as fan art and videos.

What’s Mabel’s pig name? The show follows brother-sister duo Dipper and Mabel Pines on their supernatural misadventures in the fictional town of Gravity Falls, Oregon; Waddles is Mabel’s pet pig.

How old is Wendy in Gravity Falls? Wendy Corduroy (voiced by Linda Cardellini) – A mellow, tomboyish, laid-back 15-year-old part-time employee at the Mystery Shack. She is Dipper’s crush, and several episodes focus on his misguided attempts to impress her.

What happened to Mabel’s pig? Waddles in Soos’ body. … When this happens, Soos leaves the Mystery Shack on an “adventure” while Waddles walks around the Mystery Shack looking for things to eat. Eventually, Waddles ends up in the gift shop and starts chewing on some clothes.

How old is McGucket?

First off, in A Tale of Two Stans, Ford called McGucket “a young but brilliant mechanic”. This implies that at the time of his flashback, McGucket was the same age as, or younger, than Ford. Ford is supposedly currently in his 60s, which means that during the flashback, he would have been in his early to mid 30s.

Is Shermie Pines older or younger? This is my headcanon : Shermie was Ford and Stan’s older brother, 7 to 10 years their senior. Because of that age gap, he never had a close relastionship with his younger siblings.

Who does Alex Hirsch voice?

Alex Hirsch is a voice actor known for voicing Bill Cipher, Grunkle Stan, and Soos. Take a visual walk through their career and see 78 images of the characters they’ve voiced and listen to 11 clips that showcase their performances.

Why did Ford build the portal? Ford believed the Portal’s purpose was to break the boundaries between worlds, but Bill intended for it to merge his realm with Earth.

What does Grunkle Stan say backwards?

As he is being erased inside Stan’s mind, he says a message which, played backwards, says “A X O L O T L! My time has come to burn!

What does Gideon say backwards?

When Gideon falls to his knees and his eyes glow blue he shouts something unintelligible. When played backwards he is saying, “Backwards message! Backwards message!

What is Mabel gleeful? Mabel Gleeful, also known as Reverse Mabel, is a major antagonist from the Gravity Falls AU known as Reverse Falls. She made her debut in Welcome to the Falls.

Is Pacifica from Gravity Falls? Pacifica Elise Northwest is a recurring character on Gravity Falls. She is considered the most popular girl in Gravity Falls, Oregon. … Before Dipper gave her the courage to speak up against her parents, she was a recurring enemy of the Pines family, mainly as Mabel Pines’ arch-rival.

Why did Gravity Falls end?

On November 20, 2015, Hirsch announced (via Tumblr) that Gravity Falls only had two more episodes left and would end with season 2. … That would have failed to provide a satisfying payoff in Gravity Falls season 3 and beyond. Ultimately, Alex Hirsch’s decision to finish Gravity Falls with season 2 is wise.

How tall is Pacifica Northwest? Pacifica Northwest: 170 ft. Wendy Corduroy: 190 ft. Dipper Pines: 200 ft.

How old is Grunkle?

The youngest he could be is 30 in ’81 and not yet 31 when he went through the portal in early ’82, making him and Stan at least 61 in the show.

What’s Dipper’s real name? Mason “Dipper” Pines is a fictional character and one of the two lead characters of the Disney Channel animated series Gravity Falls. The character is voiced by Jason Ritter, and designed by and loosely based on the childhood of series creator Alex Hirsch.

How old is Zeus from Gravity Falls?

Soos is 22 years old. His full name was revealed in “Blendin’s Game”.

Who is Will cipher? The younger twin brother of Bill Cipher, better known as William ‘Will’ Cipher, is the reversed version of Bill Cipher. Will is powerful, considering his species, and specializes in the realm of the mind.

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