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Toki wo tomare: means u201cStop timeu201d in Japanese.

How do you say stop time in Japanese Jojo? “Tomare! Jikan yo, tomare!Translation. Time, stop!

What does za Warudo mean in English? The World (u30b6u30fbu30efu30fcu30ebu30c9uff08u4e16u754cuff09, Za Wu0101rudo) is the Stand of DIO, featured in Stardust Crusaders.

Beside above What is DIO’s time stop? Also DIO has 9 seconds of stop time, the 11 seconds is just some weird phrasing from Japanese and Jotaro stating that DIO moved for 11 seconds. DIO himself thought he stopped time for 11 seconds because it had Jotaro’s added 2 seconds. Every other source talking about The World also states his limit as 9 seconds.

What is Star Platinum requiem?

Star Platinum Requiem or in short as SPR, is a Custom/Unofficial Stand, used by Stand User Jotaro Kujo. … Star Platinum Requiem’s theme is a remix of Amend by j^p^n, similar to Shadow The World Requiem’s theme, but with Jotaro’s HFTF voice lines instead. It also plays it’s HFTF theme but with a rock cover.

What is Yare Yare Daze? The Brief: “Yare yare daze” is a Japanese phrase meaning “good grief,” popularized by the manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Simply so, What if Jotaro could use Hamon? Best case scenario jotaro would be able to use his hamon like Joseph does during the crusades and fuse it with his stand to create hamon enhanced attacks. Which would just help he defeat Dio faster.

What if Jotaro used the arrow? WHAT IF JOTARO STABBED HIMSELF WITH A ARROW??? He will get his stand into Star Platinum Requiem in the end of part 5 where crashes the fight and just end it and stab himself instead of giorno and he would carry part 6 for Jolyne and Araki would decide to not do the other universes. … Jotaro would still have Jolyne.

Can Star Platinum Requiem beat Ger?

Star platinum requiem would be WAYYY stronger than GER because it would have the same abilities as GER and it’s own abilities which is being able to stop, reverse, and forward time because Star platinum can stop time, which means the stand can get the other two and it can use the power of every person who’s in Jotaro’s …

What Ora Ora mean? In Japanese, a single ora オラ is a way to call for somebody’s attention. A yell, like “oi!” or “ayy!” or “hey!” or whatever. It gets used toward children or animals when they’re doing something improper. You could translate it as “watch out” or “stop that!” depending on the situation.

What is Jotaros saying?

1. “You truly are the lowest scum in history. You can’t pay back what you owe with money.” -Jotaro Kujo.

What is JoJo’s catchphrase? The catchphrase of Jotaro is “ORAORAORAORA!” and “Yare yare daze”.

Is Joseph the last Hamon user?

Yes, as of the time of his last appearance (before the universe got reset several dozen times), Joseph could still use the Hamon. Hermit Purple is not Joseph’s Stand, but rather it is the Stand of the Hamon itself. So long as Joseph can be seen using Hemit Purple, he can also use the Hamon, and vice versa.

Is Jonathan a star platinum?

There is a whole group of people who think that Star Platinum is Jonathan Joestar. … DIO can use two stands, THE WORLD and a Hermit Purple-like stand that was Jonathan Joestar’s. It only makes sense that Jonathan Joestar’s spirit would be able to use DIO’s stand THE WORLD whenever he wanted, and so he does.

Why does Joseph look old with Hamon? You need to actively train in it and maintain it to slow down the aging process. Joseph doesn’t train religiously with Hamon after Battle Tendency, he can do some tricks with it but he is definitely not a master. So, he aged as normal.

Does Hierophant Green have a requiem? Hierophant Requiem ( 法皇の引導 ハイエロファント・レクイエム Haierofanto Rekuiemu) is the Reqiuem Stand of Noriaki Kakyoin, featured in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Dust Revolution. It is the evolved form of Hierophant Green, awakened after the Stand arrow heeded Kakyoin’s will to survive and break his limits.

What happens if Star Platinum had requiem?

If they were Star Platinum would likely get some kind of ridiculous time manipulation boost, perhaps being able to reverse Giorno and GER to a previous state making them much weaker, speed them up to the point of old age/death/disintegration or freeze them in time indefinitely.

Is King Crimson stronger than Star Platinum? Araki stated Star Platinum to be as fast as light and physically the strongest stand. So an attack rush from Star Platinum is leagues superior than King Crimson.

Is SPR stronger than Ger?

Sp is stronger and can move at the speed of light while ger holds a lot more power.

Does Giorno appear in stone ocean? No. even though he is dio’s children he is not in stone ocean. if giorno was in stone ocean, he will obliterate anyone that comes in giorno’s path (or worse).

What is Ara Ara?

Overall, ara ara is used to express mild surprise, and is an exclamation similar to, “oh dear,” “my my,” “oh me oh my,” or simply, “oh my!” in English. The phrase ara ara is typically said by women as an interjection to express surprise.

Is Jonathan a platinum star? this is a common theory actually. There is a whole group of people who think that Star Platinum is Jonathan Joestar. … It only makes sense that Jonathan Joestar’s spirit would be able to use DIO’s stand THE WORLD whenever he wanted, and so he does. That’s why Jotaro shouts “Star Platinum: The World!” and stops time.

What does Benihana mean in Japanese?

A red safflower found in the neighbourhood streets gave the Aoki’s the inspiration for the restaurant’s name; ‘Benihana – or ‘red flower‘ in Japanese. … Adopting a name which would be easier for Westerners to pronounce, Hiroaki ‘Rocky’ Aoki as he now called himself, set off to have his dream become reality.

What is Giorno’s catchphrase? Giorno’s catchphrase I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream that I know is just! Giorno Giovanna, born Haruno Shiobana, is the main protagonist of Golden Wind. He is the fifth protagonist of the series, and is often referred to as “GioGio.”

What is Dio’s quote?

Standing tall above all the phrases and noises to have ever been breathed from Dio like red hot fire, “Za warudo!” makes the pinnacle of this list as well as any anime catchphrase ever.

What is Jolyne catchphrase? It’s mostly J
otaro. … Jolyne’s use of “yare yare dawa” is just a reference to Jotaro’s saying of “yare yare daze”, as it’s the same phrase just more feminine.

Is Yare Yare a JoJo reference? Honestly the anime Saiki k could be considered a big JoJo reference seeing how many things there are referencing different aspects of JoJo. “Yare Yare” is a VERY common “My, my,/good grief” expression, so no.

What is Kakyoin’s catchphrase?

My name is Noriaki Kakyoin! For the vengeance of my friend Avdol and so that the sister of my friend, Polnareff, may be at peace, you will pay with your life! Hey!

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