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Kayla Morton is a professional drag racer and television personality born on 27 February 1987. Being the daughter of a mechanic and former racer, Stanley, Morton grew up in the garage around cars, working on engines with her father. She also developed a passion for racing at a young age.

Are Kayla Morton and Boosted still together in 2021? Street Outlaws stars Kayla Morton and Boosted have sparked split rumors, after she began posting photos on Instagram without him. The speculation has been doing the rounds, while Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings ‘ and Team Attack latest season airs on Discovery every Monday night.

Such must be the reality for Kayla Morton from ‘Street Outlaws,’ who always gives it her best out there to become the 1st female racer to get at the top of The List. However, people seem to be more interested to know if she is married. Primarily since she is known to have a relationship with Street Outlaws‘ co-star, Boosted GT.

The entirety of Morton’s childhood was spent in garages learning how to build motors. Kayla has the Midwest street racing duo, Murder Nova, and Big Chef to thank for her introduction to racing. Presently, she strives to be the top female racer in her division. Here are a few interesting facts about Kayla. Who is Kayla Morton?

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Who is Kayla Morton?

Kayla Morton is a racer and television personality. She stars on the Discovery Channel program, Street Outlaws. The show sees Kayla join a whole host of racers in an all-out battle for dominance. Over the years, she has burned rubber with the likes of Tina Pierce, Big Chef, Daddy Dave, and Ryan Martin.

Caption: Kayla Morton and her husband, Chris Hamilton. Kayla and Chris are both competitive, evident by the fact that they raced against each other in an episode of the Street Outlaws. Chris came out victorious on that occasion. The couple has two children together: Cooper and Austin Hamilton.

A look at her social media activity. Kayla Morton ‘the queen’ is very active on Instagram. We found that she has about 85.9K followers. From one of her posts, we learned that she is a fitness and Crossfit enthusiast. Just a few months ago, she flew to Austin to complete her L1 Crossfit Certification course.

Additionally, Kayla is also paid to appear on the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws. As of this year, Kayla Morton’s net worth is $350,000.

Kayla’s career on the tracks has seen her race a plethora of different vehicles over the years. Yet her vehicle of choice remains the 1993 Ford Fox Body Mustang. On occasions, she has also raced in a 302 small block Chevy and a Single Nitrous Plate.

There are no reports that can confirm that Kayla Morton is married. She is however, in a long term relationship with Chris Hamilton. He is popularly known by his racing name, Boosted GT.



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