What does I’ll look to like if looking liking move?

97 ‘I’ll look to like, if looking liking move,’ – Although obedient to her mother’s wishes, this slightly quibbling answer indicates that Juliet is not a girl who is prepared to have her mind made up for her.

Also, Who is the lady and who is the Knight Romeo and Juliet?

Tamara K. H. In this scene, when Romeo first sees Juliet , she is dancing with a knight at her father’s feast. Since she is dancing, she is holding the hand of her partner.

Accordingly, What animal is Romeo?

However, Lender changes everything about R&J that bothers me turning it into a cute little romp of a tragedy. Romeo is a rooster and Juliet is a bear and instead of being in love they become BFF’s! They don’t commit suicide but go into hibernation and the theme is prejudice: petting zoo animals vs forest animals.

in the same way Why does Juliet say I’ll look to like if looking liking move?

She will observe him “if looking liking move,” meaning if her mother thinks that that will make any difference. Juliet goes on to say that “no more deep will I endart mine eye” meaning that she will not go to any extraordinary measures to make herself like him.

What does Endart mean?

Filters. (obsolete, rare) To throw or shoot out like a dart.

What is Queen Mab the queen of?

Mab, also called Queen Mab, in English folklore, the queen of the fairies. Mab is a mischievous but basically benevolent figure. In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, she is referred to as the fairies’ midwife, who delivers sleeping men of their innermost wishes in the form of dreams.

Who does Lord Capulet say has married Juliet?

Lord Capulet argues with Juliet

The scene starts with Lady Capulet telling Juliet that Lord Capulet has arranged her marriage to Paris in four days’ time. Juliet refuses to marry and her father threatens to disown her.

Who is Queen Mab and what Mercutio is on about?

According to Mercutio’s Queen Mab is the fairies midwife, she delivers fairy babies,dreams to people. Specifically, what she does is give you specific dreams about who you are and what you are feeling or thinking. … Mercutio says he believes that dreams are meaningless and nonsensical.

What animal is Friar Lawrence?

Friar Lawrence the Owl. Animal’s Qualities: Harsh, greedy, and uses pawns for dirty work. Evidence: Capulet is an emotionless tyrant with only his own needs in mind.

What does Romeo Symbolise?

Since Romeo is in love throughout the entire play, I think an appropriate symbol for him is something that is symbolic of love. You could choose a regular, nothing fancy, Valentine’s Day heart. It is so symbolic of love to the point that the heart shape is incorporated into jewelry and candy.

What does Juliet call the nurse?

The nurse’s name is Angelica, most likely. Capulet says in act 4, scene 4, “Look to the baked meats, good Angelica” when the Nurse is baking and cooking for Juliet’s upcoming marriage to Paris. “Angelica” could be the name of another cook, but Capulet seems to be referring to the nurse when he says it.

What does I’ll not endure him mean?

75I’ll not endure him. TYBALT. It’s the right way to act when a villain like him shows up. I won’t tolerate him. CAPULET.

What figurative language is I’ll look to like if looking liking move?

Literary Devices: – Alliteration: In line 99, Juliet uses the repetition of the letter “L” (I’ll Look to Like, if Looking Liking move…”).

Who is Queen Mab in Romeo and Juliet?

Who is Queen Mab? Mab is the queen of the fairies, a figure deeply rooted in English folklore. She is not a character in Shakespeare’s plays but is famous within his works because she is mentioned in Romeo and Juliet, as the subject of a speech by Romeo’s friend, Mercutio.

What does prolixity mean?

1 : unduly prolonged or drawn out : too long. 2 : marked by or using an excess of words.

What does Endart mean in Romeo and Juliet?

Endart: to pierce, or shoot with a dart. “No more deep will I endart mine eye.” — Juliet (1.3.100)

What does ropery mean?

archaic. : roguish tricks or banter.

Is Queen Mab good or evil?

On one hand, Mab is a harmless entity who brings fantasy fulfillment to those she makes dream. But, on the other hand, she is malevolent and evil as she induces dreams of violence in the unconscious minds of soldiers and forces nightmares on young virgins (“maids”).

What does Queen Mab have to do with Romeo?

Romeo claims that dreams can be real or true because they reflect reality, while Mercutio argues that they lie. His speech goes on to claim that they reflect the individual’s desires and passions. For example, when Queen Mab visits lovers, they dream of love, lawyers dream of money, and courtiers dream of curtsies.

Is Queen Mab cruel?

Ruler of the Unseelie Sidhe, Mab lives in a dark castle of ice located in the fey worlds of The Nevernever and generally is considered to be incredibly cruel, cold, and a maker of unbreakable pacts.

Does Lord Capulet hit Juliet?

Capulet’s reaction is extraordinary. He yells at her, he curses her, he calls her names, and he vows to disown her. And his language is such that we believe him, and so does Juliet.

Who wishes marry Juliet?

Count Paris, a kinsman of the Prince, tells Capulet that he wants to marry his daughter, Juliet. Capulet’s a little reluctant to agree because his daughter is so young, but he tells Paris that if he can woo Juliet successfully, then he’ll grant him permission to marry her.

Is Queen Mab the queen of good or bad dreams?

According to Mercutio, what are the dreams that Queen Mab delivers for each of the following people? … She’s the queen of all dreams. She goes around sprinkling stardust in peoples’ eyes so they will dream. She can give girls very romantic dreams, but just
as easily turn those to nightmares.

What is Queen Mab a metaphor for?

In Romeo and Juliet, the Queen Mab speech is a metaphor for love.

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