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Definition of boink. boink. verb – ambitransitive. to have sex with someone. He boinked her last week. They’ve been boinking for weeks. See more words with the same meaning: sex, sexual intercourse. Last edited on Feb 20 2011.

Definition of bonk. bonk. Nasty or low in quality That movie was so ridiculously bonk that I could not sit through the whole thing. Last edited on May 06 2011. Submitted by John G. from Wilmington, NC, USA on Sep 13 2004.

“Playing for boonks” denotes that the loser of the contest gets a kick in the ass from the winner. Get a boonks mug for your grandma Sarah. You lost man now give up the boonks.

” BOONK GANG !!!” Get a Boonk mug for your coworker Bob. 2) to generaly be a public nuisance by recording ones self swiftly getting away from the scene from which you stole something. *The origanal saying was coined by Instagram star, boonk .ig. *Doing this is a violation of the law so be cautious. Unless, you’re really good at it

What is the meaning of “boonk gang”?

Boonk Gang. A phrase that came from a popular social media comedian who is known for stealing. After you have successfully completed your robbery tou scream ” BOONK GANG WHOLE LOTTA GANG SHIT ” Also another word for “YOU THOUGHT” or ” SIKE “. Get a Boonk Gang mug for your papa José.

The act of extreme masturbation. You must “knock one out” whilst in close proximity to any of the following; Your mum, a nun, your boss, a member of parliament, George Michael. A person with capabilities to act upon catching you mid self-abuse obvisouly ups the ante.

What does “get some stankie on the hang down” mean?

get some stankie on the hang down. Definitions include: to have sex. f*ck. Definitions include: to have sex (with). get it on. Definitions include: to engage in coitus. ram. Definitions include: a derogatory term for an unattractive member of the opposite sex. scuff.

get (one’s) hump on. Definitions include: to have sex. GTD. Definitions include: to have sex. wax *ss. Definitions include: to have sex. cowgirl. Definitions include: the sexual position in which a man lies down and his sexual partner rides on top, facing towards the man’s head. get (one) some.



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