What Disney show was Maitland Ward in? – Celebrity


Year Title Role
1994-1996 The Bold and the Beautiful Jessica Forrester
1997 Killing Mr. Griffin Candice Lee
1998 USA High Tina
1998 Home Improvement Christy

Simply so, What is Maitland Ward known for? Maitland is also well-known as “Rachel McGuire” from the hit prime-time series, Boy Meets World (1993). She starred on the ABC comedy for three years. She also appeared in the independent film, Dish Dogs (2000), a romantic comedy in which she co-stars with Brian Dennehy, Matthew Lillard and Sean Astin.

Who did Maitland Ward Boy Meets World? Ward, 44, portrayed Rachel McGuire on Boy Meets World from 1998 to the series’ end in 2000. When she joined the cast during season 6, her character quickly became both Eric Matthews (Friedle) and Jack Hunter’s (Matthew Lawrence) crush, both of whom she lived with while they were all in college.

What does Rachel from Boy Meets World do now? While Maitland Ward is still recognized as Rachel McGuire from Boy Meets World, the Long Beach, California, native has come a long way since her days on Disney Channel. In fact, Maitland, whose real name is Ashley Maitland Welkos, started working in the adult film industry later on in her life.

Who played Rachel McGuire?

Maitland Ward first appeared as Rachel McGuire on season six. She gave up a scholarship at Yale to attend Pennbrook. Rachel was also Jack and Eric’s roommate.

Secondly What is Maitland Ward doing? Ward embarked on her porn career in 2019 nearly two decades after “Boy Meets World” ended. She is writing a memoir, titled “My Escape From Hollywood: Why I Left to Become a Porn Star,” which will hit shelves in 2022.

Who does Eric Matthews end up with? One of the final episodes of Boy Meets World showed a future Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) rechristening himself “Plays With Squirrels” and telling the gang he “married a moose.” Thanks to Girl Meets World, we know this didn’t actually happen, but Friedle did get married on Sunday (September 25) to a human.

Did Eric and Rachel ever date? Rachel had strong relationships with Eric and Jack. While she eventually becomes close with the rest of the gang, her two male roommates are her initial close friends.

Do Jack and Rachel break up?

Rachel began dating Jack during his emotional breakdown following his father’s death, but later broke up with him when Eric told her of their initial competition.

Do Eric and Rachel end up together? Prior to the events of the game, Rachel was a cadet at the United States Military Academy, where she met Eric during climbing classes. They began a romantic relationship and got married in 2000.

Are Minkus and Topanga related?

Stuart Minkus’ fate was eventually revealed in the show’s Disney Channel spin-off, “Girl Meets World.” The show stars Rowan Blanchard as Riley Matthews, the daughter of Corey and Topanga, as she navigates her own high school journey. … As it turns out, Minkus went on to become a wealthy CEO of his own company.

Does Eric Matthews adopt Tommy? Eric made the right choice on that fateful Season 6 episode, but that didn’t stop my heart from hurting for them both. Tommy was adopted by a wonderful family in California, and Eric had to painfully say goodbye to his best buddy. Sixteen years later, Eric and Tommy reunited on a special episode of Girl Meets World.


Do the Matthews adopt Shawn?

Alan offers to adopt Shawn, but Shawn refuses and leaves. He goes to the graveyard, and has a conversation with the ghost of his dad. He tells Shawn that his real mother was a stripper, and left right after Shawn was born. Shawn goes back to the Matthews house, and says that he can’t be adopted.

Who does Angela end up with in Boy Meets World?

They break up in the penultimate episode of Boy Meets World, “Angela’s Ashes”. Shawn mentions Angela in Girl Meets Master Plan and Girl Meets Pluto. They see each other again after fifteen years of being broken up; Angela is married while Shawn was still single at the time (he later begins dating Katy Hart).

Did Maitland Ward appear in Girl Meets World? With spinoff “Girl Meets World” in its second season, Ward couldn’t be more proud of the show she worked on. “I think it’s great for a new generation of kids especially because their parents watched all of us on the show,” she explained. … Ward revealed her character may make a comeback on “Girl Meets World.”

Who does Shawn Hunter end up with? Shawn and Katy eventually date and get married, and Shawn becomes a father figure to Maya. After directing two first-season episodes of Girl Meets World, Rider Strong has become a fixture behind the scenes, while also making appearances in a recurring role.

Who does Shawn marry in Boy Meets World?

When Angela paid Shawn a surprise visit she revealed she is now married, and she then encourages Shawn to begin a relationship with Katy, which (also with Chet’s prompting) he does after Katy asks him out on a date. Shawn and Katy later marry, and by the final episode of Girl Meets World, Shawn adopts Maya.

What is Topanga’s middle name? Topanga Lawrence-Matthews (Danielle Fishel) is Cory’s main love interest.

Who is Stuart Minkus wife?

Jennifer Bassett-Minkus (née Bassett) is a recurring character in Girl Meets World. She was a character in Boy Meets World. She is the mother of Farkle Minkus and the wife of Stuart Minkus.

Does Shawn’s dad come back? Chet Hunter was a character in Boy Meets World. Chet is Shawn’s deceased father. He died of a heart attack in the sixth season of Boy Meets World, but continued to appear as a spirit until the end of the series, and appeared as such in Girl Meets World.

Does Mr Turner adopt Shaun?

Jonathan Turner (referred to as Mr. Turner) was Cory, Shawn, and Topanga’s English teacher, and their homeroom teacher, at John Adams High School. In the episode Home, he is the one who takes Shawn in as a guardian as a result of his father leaving to look for his mother.

Does Eric make an appearance on Girl Meets World? Sen. Eric Randall Matthews is a recurring character in Girl Meets World. Eric was also a main character in Boy Meets World.

Does Turner adopt Shawn?

Turner and the gang trying desperately to pull him out. In the end, it was Mr. Turner’s accident that finally brought Shawn back from the brink.

Is Shawn Hunter Maya’s dad? During season 3, Shaw
n’s fondness for Maya continues to flourish. He eventually becomes her stepdad when he marries her mother Katy, and then adopts Maya as his daughter in the series finale Girl Meets Goodbye.

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