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Bernadette Protti aka Angela Delvecchio is in Portland, Oregon with her husband and child. Protti changed her name to Jeannette Butler legally after the horrible incident. Later, she married her husband and is now officially known to the world as Jeannette Tomanka.

Meanwhile, Costas’ parents vehemently opposed Protti’s release. Moving on, to begin life anew without the stigma of a murderer attached to her, Bridget legally modified her name to Jeannette Butler and moved from California to Oklahoma and became a nurse. Likewise, after many years, also people seem to be curious about Moretti’s whereabouts.

Where is Bernadette Protti Now? Bernadette committed the crime at the age of 15. She was convicted in 1985 and sentenced to nine years, on a charge of second-degree murder. Bernadette was paroled after seven years, for good behavior, at the age of 23. She got out in 1992.

Due to Bernadette’s name change, she has seemingly disappeared from the public eye. However, internet sleuths have long been fixated with uncovering Bernadette’s latest location, and identity. There are speculations that Bernadette has changed her name to Jeannette Tomanka.

Bernadette was paroled from the California Youth Authority at the ripe old age of 23. She legally changed her name and moved out of California for a fresh start. The Costas family also moved away, relocating to Alaska. After the guilty verdict, the students of Miramonte High decided Nancy was worthy of their friendship again.

There are speculations that Bernadette has changed her name to Jeannette Tomanka. Another blog claims that Bernadette is a nurse and medical writer, well known for writing for a publicized scientific journal.

Who is Bernadette Protti?

Many people know about Bernadette’s infamous story, but what about her personality? Understanding her background would likely provide more insight into the unfortunate event.

As you have likely seen from Bernadette Protti’s documentary, Kirsten Costas was murdered with a butcher knife out of jealousy by Bernadette Protti. But how did it come to this? First, an assumedly innocent girl murdering her schoolmate got people by surprise. You will be startled by how the events unfolded on that fateful day.

It took investigators some time to conclude the case, which is quite baffling when looking back at the circumstances leading to the murder.

Who killed Stacey in Death Of A Cheerleader? Death of a Cheerleader is one of the most famous movies of real-life murder cases involving cheerleaders.

Who is Bernadette Protti’s classmate?

Unfortunate: Kirsten Costas (classmate) Bernadette Protti’s home life was just fine, by all accounts. She was born into a devout catholic family, the youngest of six children. Her father Raymond was a retired public works officer, who taught Christianity in his spare time.


When she realised what she had done, Bernadette ran back to the car and drove off. She was followed closely by Alexander, who’d seen the fight and given chase to try to catch the girl. Kirsten staggered to the front door of the neighbour’s house and banged on the door. She collapsed on the ground as the door opened.

By this time, they had reached the town of Moraga. Kirsten told Bernadette to pull in to the parking lot of a church her family regularly attended. According to Bernadette, they sat in the car for 40 minutes, with Kirsten offering her marijuana. Bernadette said she turned the offer down and so an argument began.

She said she would collect Kirsten from the house at 6 pm. Berit told the caller that Kirsten was away until the weekend, but that she would ensure that Kirsten was told. Bernadette had known that Kirsten was away. Kirsten was on the cheerleading camp that Bernadette herself was supposed to be enjoying at that moment.

Bernadette idolised Kirsten because of the apparent ease with which she seemed to traverse the social minefield. She started following Kirsten’s lead, figuring that if she simply travelled the same road, she would achieve the same result.

The fashion-conscious teen had noted Bernadette’s track pants and faded jacket and deduced that the only party Bernadette was prepared for was a night in front of the tv with a bowl of popcorn. Bernadette admitted to her that she had lied about the dinner, but it was so that they could go to a party instead.

And in her eyes what she had, fell far short of what she believed others considered acceptable. Bernadette was in her second year at Miramonte High School in Orinda, California.


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