Was The Wake App Real? – Celebrity

From the looks of things, though, Chase and his Wake app are technically fictional creations. The majority of the big players in “Inventing Anna” are renamed from their real-life counterparts.

One of the oddest details in the whole story is Anna’s boyfriend, a would-be tech maven, developing an app called Wake, which aims to capture and crowdsource data from people’s dreams. Was Wake a real start-up, or is it one detail that only exists in this fictional world?

Unfortunately, Pressler reveals relatively little about the Futurist, and it is possible that at one point in time, the real Anna Sorokin’s romantic interest was possibly working on an app similar to WAKE. In fact, Anna seemingly tagged the Founder of an app called “Shadow” in a social media post in 2014.

In the series, Anna—who pretends to be a German heiress named Anna Delvey—has a boyfriend who is developing an app called Wake. He’s trying to get seed money to get it off the ground. On the show, here’s how the app works: Wake tries to capture and crowdsource data from people’s dreams.



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