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Best Fred Bear Quotes : Fred Bear born March 5, 1902 and died April 27, 1988 was an iconic American archer, hunter, bowmaker, author and television host.

He is widely regarded as what some people like to call “A by god legend” and pioneer in the bow-hunting community.

Bear was a world traveler, film producer, and the founder of Bear Archery. Best known for his work as a bowyer, Fred has also been immortalized in the song “Fred Bear” from the album Spirit of the Wild by hard rock musician Ted Nugent.

Later in his life, Bear struggled with chronic emphysema and suffered a heart attack while living in Florida. He remained in hospital for a month and died of another heart attack on April 27, 1988. His body was cremated and his ashes spread near the AuSable River in northern Michigan, where Fred had loved fly fishing.

Fred Bear made history with the patent for the composite bow, he was immortalized in the song “Fred Bear” from the album Spirit of the Wild by hard rock musician Ted Nugent, who was Bear’s friend.

But above all he left us a large number of quotes and proverbs, here is our list of the 25 best quotes of Fred Bear with photos that every Hunter Should know.

Top 25 Best Fred Bear Quotes that Every Hunter Should Know

Fred Bear : A hunter’s career

Fred Bear was born on a farm in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, on March 5, 1902, the second of three children. He has English, Dutch, Swiss and German ancestry.

Bear worked early on as a glue manufacturer for Chrysler in Detroit. In an interview, he mentioned that he had worked in a factory from 1929 to 1933, a factory that caught fire during the Great Depression, putting him out of work. With a partner named Chuck who had worked in the same factory, they raised $1,200 to open his archery business in a garage. Bear Archery Company was therefore founded in 1933.

His interest in bow hunting was stimulated by another legend, Art Young of the Pope & Young Club, whom Bear met in Michigan in the late 1920s and whom he often called his hero. Bear’s first bow hunting trophy was a ponytail obtained in Michigan in 1935.

In the years that followed, he travelled the world with his bow and presented himself to thousands of bow hunters to promote and teach the sport. He made his television debut on Arthur Godfrey and his friends, with later appearances in The American Sportsman and The Tonight Show. He has also produced several bow hunting films around the world.

The Fred Bear Museum was established in Grayling, Michigan, in 1967. The museum’s collection has grown to become the largest private collection of archery artifacts in the world. Initially, the museum was in Grayling, but in 1985 it was moved to Gainesville, where it moved to the Bear Archery factory located between Archer Road and Williston Road, just off I-75.

This museum closed in 2003 and the collections were sold to the Bass Pro Shops chain.

25 best quotes of Fred Bear with photos

Here is our list of the best Fred Bear Quotes curated from around the internet :

  1. Go out with a good state of mind, respecting the wildlife you hunt and the forests and fields you cross.
  2. Immerse yourself in this outdoor experience. This will purify your soul and make you better.
  3. I hunt because I love the entire process: the preparations, the excitement, and sustained suspense of trying to match my woodslore against the finely honed instincts of these creatures.
  4. If some of our young people, in search of thrills, want thrills, let them go up to the Northwest and get involved with the Grizzly Bear, the Polar Bear and the Brown Bear. They will have fun, and it will purify their soul.
  5. The very remoteness kindles the imagination of the adventurous hunter. From the top of any mountain the challenge extends far and wide, until the mountains meet the sky.
  6. Not only is bowhunting fun and a real challenge, but it’s good for you.
  7. The history of the bow and arrow is the history of mankind – Fred Bear
  8. I have always tempered my killing with respect for the game pursued. I see the animal not only as a target, but as a living creature with more freedom than I will ever have. I take that life if I can, with regret as well as joy, and with the sure knowledge that nature’s way of fang and claw and starvation are a far crueler fate than I bestow.
  9. Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow.
  10. I come home with an honestly earned feeling that something good has taken place. It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent.
  11. If you consider an unsuccessful hunt to be a waste of time, then the true meaning of the chase eludes you all together.
  12. When bow-hunting, you find you get closer to the woodland critters. The flora and the forest floor becomes clearer. You look at things more closely. You’re moreaware. You know the limited range of the bow is only 40 yards or so. You must try to outwait that approaching deer. Careful not to make the slightest movement or sound hoping that your scent won’t suddenly waft his way. That’s when you’ll know for sure and appreciate deeply what bow-hunting is all about.
  13. A downed animal is most certainly the object of a hunting trip, but it becomes an anticlimax when compared to the many other pleasures of the hunt.
  14. Hardships are quickly forgotten. Intense heat, bitter cold, rain and snow, fatigue,and luckless hunting fade quickly into memories of great fellowship, thoughts of beautiful country, pleasant camps, and happy campfires.
  15. A hunt based only on trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be.
  16. If you are not working to protect hunting, then you are working to destroy it.
  17. You can learn more about hunting deer with a bow and arrow in a week than a gun hunter will learn in his entire life.
  18. I hunt deer because I love the entire process.
  19. The preparation, the excitement, and sustained suspense of trying to match my woods lore against the finely honed instincts of these creatures. Fred Bear.
  20. If asked to sketch a picture of the typical archer I would be hard put. They seem to come in all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds. Inwardly they seem to have in common a love for the outdoors, a reverence for wildlife, and a close tie with history.
  21. There is nothing they seem to enjoy more than telling tall tales around a campfire or talking about archery to others. It would be difficult to find a more interesting group of people.
  22. There’s more fun in hunting with the handicap of the bow than there is in hunting with the sureness of the gun.
  23. When a hunter is in a treestand with moral values and with the proper hunting ethics and richer for the e
    xperience, that hunter is 20 feet closer to God.
  24. The history of the bow and arrow is the history of mankind.
  25. I feel like one of God’s chosen people, having had the opportunity to share, with many fine companions, these varied and lovely realms of our natural world.

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