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The Waverly Sub Station is a sub sandwich restaurant situated in Waverly Place in Manhattan in New York’s Greenwich Village neighborhood. The restaurant is owned by the main family of the show, the Russos.

Waverly Sub Station.

Sub Station
Location Waverly Place, Manhattan
Inhabitant Russo Family
First “Crazy 10-Minute Sale”

Considering this, Where is Wizards of Waverly Place located?

The series is set on Waverly Place in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

Is there a real Waverly Place in New York? Waverly Place is a narrow street, in the Greenwich Village section of the New York City borough of Manhattan, that runs from Bank Street to Broadway. … The street was named after Sir Walter Scott’s 1814 novel Waverley in 1833; prior to that it was called Art Street.

Accordingly, Is Wizards of Waverly Place Mexican?

The three Russo siblings are wizards in training and live with their Italian-American father and “former wizard” Jerry (David DeLuise) and their Mexican-American mother, the “mortal” Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera).

Why wasnt Justin in Alex vs Alex?

Nikki Hahn guest stars as one of the wizards-in-training as Alex’s cousin. It was revealed that Gorog had a wizard or angel nephew named Dominic. Only Alex’s good self is seen casting spells in this episode, seeing as Justin wasn’t in this special, and Max lost his powers due to losing the Wizard Competition.

Why did they turn Max into a girl?

Maxine Russo was an alter-ego of Max Russo that was created when Alex and Justin crossed spells and created and transformed Max into a little girl. The cover-up story the Russo’s came up with to explain Maxine’s existence is that Maxine is their cousin from North Dakota.

Why didn’t Justin become the family wizard?

Justin makes it out first and is declared the Family Wizard. However, he decides he cannot accept this because Alex was about to get out first: Justin had gotten stuck on a tree root and Alex, near the exit, came back to help. … Alex points out that the family is finally all happy at the same time and the series ends.

Did Harper and Justin date?

She previously has an obvious crush on Justin (which was used for comedy on the show) that freaked Justin out.

Harper Finkle
Romances Zeke Beakerman (boyfriend) Jeremy from Science (former crush) Justin Russo (former crush) Vlad (ex-boyfriend)

Where does Wizards of Waverly Place the movie fit in timeline?

Chronology. It is unknown when the movie fits into the chronological timeline of the show, however, we can assume it happened in the summer of 2009.

Are Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone still friends?

Although their career paths have diverged drastically, a recent report reveals that the two are actually still on good terms. In a 2017 interview, Stone stated that she and Gomez have kept in touch over the years, ever since the show ended.

Was Carbonaro in Wizards of Waverly Place?

Michael Carbonaro plays Zelzar in the episode, “Misfortune at the Beach”.

Does Juliet return in Wizards of Waverly Place?

Comeback. After a long absence, Juliet returned in the season four episode “Wizards vs. Everything”. Juliet had been put into a trance by Gorog and was put under his influence.


Who ends up with Max Russo?

Max Russo
Romances Talia (girlfriend) Lisa Cucuy (dated) Nancy Lukey (ex-girlfriend) London Tipton (crush) Jennette Brocolleti (dated) Gigi Hollingsworth (former crush)
Last ep “The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex”
Portrayed by Jake T. Austin Bailee Madison (as a female)

Are Justin and Alex twins?

Alex is the only daughter of Jerry and Theresa, and also the sister of Justin and Max.

Who kept their wizard powers?

A Full Wizard or Family Wizard is the winner of the Family Wizard Compition and keeps their powers. That person becomes which means that they alone posses all the magic of their family meaning it has a magical power much higher than a regular wizard.

Does Harper ever find out Alex is a wizard?

Alex and her siblings go as a special wizards-in-training assignment and Harper comes along for the costume contest. … Alex eventually decides to tell Harper that she is a wizard, and convinces her by taking her to space and giving her a cupcake in space.

Are Jennifer Stone and Selena Gomez still friends?

That’s why fans might wonder if Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone are still friends. … Stone said she and Gomez kept in contact in an October 2017 interview with J-14. “We’ve definitely kept in touch,” Stone shared. “I love the fact that she is still that down-home Texas girl.

Is Zeke a wizard?

Zeke is considered “cool,” yet nerdy. He attends Tribeca Prep and is in advanced chemistry along with Justin.

Zeke Beakerman
Last ep “Who Will Be The Family Wizard”
Portrayed by Dan Benson

How old was Selena Gomez when she acted in Wizards of Waverly Place?

Selena Gomez rose to fame at the age of 15 with her role in the Disney TV series ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’.

How did Wizards of Waverly Place end?

Finally, in the hour-long series finale, Alex, Justin, and Max compete in the family wizard competition. Alex wins and gains full wizardry; Justin becomes a full wizard as well when Professor Crumbs reveals he is retiring as headmaster of WizTech and passes the position to Justin.

How old is Alex Russo?

Alex Russo
Age Group: 14-15 (Season 1) 15-16 (Season 2) 16-17 (Season 3) 17-18 (Season 4) 19 (“The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex”) 28 (Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie)
Birthday: c. 1992-93
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Why did Dean leave Wizards of Waverly Place?

But, in Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date, Dean moves away to Ohio, so they grow apart and break up. However, he comes back in Journey to the Center of Mason and wants to get back with Alex, but she refuses, because she is still in love with Mason.

Did Harper and Justin ever date?

She previously has an obvious crush on Justin (which was used for comedy on the show) that freaked Justin out. She would get jealous of every girl that he dated/had a crush on.

Harper Finkle
Romances Zeke Beakerman (
boyfriend) Jeremy from Science (former crush) Justin Russo (former crush) Vlad (ex-boyfriend)

Who is Zelzar? Zelzar is a fortune teller who appears in the episode, “Misfortune at the Beach”. He stays in a box at the beach. For mortals, it’s just a harmless arcade game, but for wizards, the fortunes are very real.

What episode of Wizards of Waverly Place do they go to the beach? “Misfortune at the Beach” is the seventeenth episode of season four of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the ninety-eighth of the overall series.


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