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Take Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers; Tina has certain behaviors that are strongly associated with autism, such as a difficulty communicating her emotions, strong fixations on particular things and panic attacks.

Also, Is Louise a sociopath?

Sure, Tina is socially awkward, Gene is weird and pungent, and Louise is a sociopath, but they’re all Belchers, and that comes before pretty much everything else in their lives.

Accordingly, What is the most inappropriate episode of Bob’s Burgers?

Bad Tina

“Bad Tina
Bob’s Burgers episode
Episode no. Season 2 Episode 8
Directed by Jennifer Coyle
Written by Holly Schlesinger

in the same way Does Zeke have a crush on Tina?

It is hinted that Zeke has a crush on Tina, but the latter does not reciprocate. In “Midday Run”, he is quoted saying, “Damn Tina, now I got a story to tell on our wedding day. You think that’s not gonna happen, but I’ll getcha girl!

Why does Louise wear pink bunny ears?

According to Creator Loren Bouchard in an interview with The AV Club, Louise’s signature rabbit ears are based off a character from the anime Tekkonkinkreet, claiming “You get a little cognitive dissonance where you experience Louise both as a little girl and Bugs Bunny at the same time.”

Why does Louise always wear her hat?

This episode clearly establishes that Louise’s ears are more than an accessory to her; they’re a source of security, which is where the theory comes into play. The fan theory states one major reason behind Louise wearing the hat is that she fears she looks too much like her mother, Linda.

What is wrong with Gayle Bob’s Burgers?

Her mental illness does end up being the cause of some of her failed relationships. However, most of it comes from her extreme clinginess and paranoia. That might go hand-in-hand with her mental health, but she has maintained a relationship with Mr. Frond despite that.

Why does Louise always wear that hat?

This episode clearly establishes that Louise’s ears are more than an accessory to her; they’re a source of security, which is where the theory comes into play. The fan theory states one major reason behind Louise wearing the hat is that she fears she looks too much like her mother, Linda.

Is Bob’s Burgers inappropriate?

Bob’s Burgers started out as a cartoon that was raunchy and unsuitable for most children but has morphed into a show filled with morals. … There are also strong supporting characters interspersed, including Bob’s best friend Teddy, Linda’s cat lady sister Gayle, and Tina’s mostly unrequited love interest, Jimmy Jr.

Is gene from Bob’s Burgers a girl?

Eugene “Gene” Belcher is the middle child of Bob and Linda Belcher and one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Tina) of Bob’s Burgers. He is the only boy out of the three siblings.

Does Tina Belcher ever get a boyfriend?

In Bob’s Burgers, Tina isn’t one for long-term boyfriends, but she did find many flings of different qualities and likelihoods of having a longer relationship with.

Does Tina Belcher get a boyfriend?

She believes that fate brought Bob and Linda together but begins to panic at the thought that maybe it’s all just random after all. She finally decides that fate is real, just really random. In “The Land Ship” we are introduced to Tina’s one-episode boyfriend Jordan Cagan, who Tina does graffiti with at night.

Does Zeke have a crush on Jimmy Jr?

Zeke is on the school’s wrestling team with Jimmy Jr., and the two are shown to have an incredibly close friendship. Jimmy Jr. is often shown to put preference on his time with Zeke over Tina and everyone else.

Who does Louise Belcher have a crush on?

At the concert, they find many screaming fans and one barfs in excitement after Louise says the word “boys”. When the concert starts, Louise remains unimpressed until Boyz 4 Now member, Boo Boo removes the helmet to his space costume. It is now evident that Louise has developed a crush on him.

Who does Louise end up with?

Louise is tricked into astral projecting, but the second she has left her body, Rob is able to move in, leaving Louise to die in the fire as Adele. Rob-as-Louise then marries David, inheriting Adele’s fortune in the process, and they drive off discussing honeymoon ideas, with Louise’s poor son Adam in the back seat.

Are Gene and Louise twins?

Story. Gene was born to Bob and Linda Belcher. He has an older sister named Tina and a younger sister named Louise.

Are Gayle and Linda twins?

Character Spotlight: Gayle

Gayle is Linda’s younger sister, Bob’s sister-in-law and the aunt of their three children, Tina, Gene and Louise.

What happened to Mr Fischoeder eye?

Fischoeder’s brother, Felix, appears. It is also stated in this episode that Felix took out Mr. Fischoeder’s eye.

Who is the youngest Belcher?

Louise Belcher is the youngest child of the Belcher family and is revealed to be 9 years old in season 1 and is still 9 by Christmas five seasons later.

Does Tina ever date Jimmy Jr?

Jimmy Junior is Tina’s love interest although he doesn’t always realize that she likes him. He has shown to not be as “developed” as Tina, who is a lot more precocious when it comes to boys and relationships. … They have kissed 6 times and have gone on a date, but he sometimes rejects Tina’s advances.

Are Bob’s Burgers cannibals?

While the Belchers are not cannibals, the first episode of the show, “Human Flesh,” alluded to the original pitch by having Louise (Kristen Schaal) lie to her class about the burgers being made from corpses, leading to Hugo (Sam Seder), the health inspector, shutting down the restaurant until Louise’s claim was proven …

Should I let my 12 year old watch Bobs Burgers?

If your kids are obsessing over Archer, Bob’s Burgers is the alternative. While the vibe of the show is edgy and absurd, the family is loving and supportive of one another. … Common Sense Media rates Bob’s Burgers a 13+.

Is Marshmallow a boy or a girl Bob’s Burgers?

Character Spotlight: Marshamllow

Cab, Bob?” Marshmallow is a transgender sex worker that Bob befriends during the episode “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?” Bob invites her to Tina’s 13th birthday party when Bob accidentally invites his friends of the night. She has since become a fan favorite and appeared many times in the series.

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