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“We’ll get by, but we would sure rather do it with a New York station,” he says. Two other country radio stations remain in the greater metro area — Eastern Long Island, N.Y.’s WJVC and Monmouth, N.J.’s WKMK — but neither has a signal strong enough to New York City.

The last country music radio station in New York City is no more. Audacy Inc. has converted WNSH-FM 94.7 is now branded ‘The Block.’ It’s described as New York’s #1 for throwbacks – music from the early ’90s a la Hot 97. “From the Apollo Theater to Lincoln Center, everyone is listening,” says a one-liner promotional for the radio station.

If country music in New York was ever to succeed, it would probably need to be a bit more catered to that particular market. Along those same lines, the fact that country music just lost its biggest station to a classic hip-hop format should tell you just how far behind the times country music is.

WNSH was country music’s top rated radio station according to Nielsen when it came to “cume,” which is the estimated number of different people who listen to a station during a given part of the day. Per week, some 903,300 people would tune into 94.7.

What station is Thunder 106 on?

NYC suburbs still have WKMK-FM ‘Thunder 106’ for their country music listening. It’s also the number one ranked music station in its market.

yeah, it is about the money. if a station can’t sustain, it goes away. The same thing happens in retail and any other business or charity. buh bye



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