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The Fallout is a 2021 American high school drama film. Written and directed by Megan Park in her feature directorial debut, the film stars Jenna Ortega as Vada Cavell, a high-school student who navigates significant emotional trauma following a school shooting.

HBO Max’s The Fallout is an emotional drama film that deals with the aftermath of a school shooting and builds to a devastating ending. The movie follows survivor Vada, played by Jenna Ortega, and her struggle to overcome the trauma of her experience.

The Fallout is not on Netflix because it’s not a Netflix original film. In order to view the movie, you’ll need an HBO Max subscription as the film is streaming exclusively on that platform, which famously released controversial cartoon The Prince.

You can watch The Fallout by streaming it on HBO Max. It originally released on 27 January in the USA but has peaked in popularity as word spreads about the film. One fan wrote, “The Fallout: This movie is an emotional rollercoaster, and in the best way possible.

is ‘the fallout’ based on a true story?

Contrary to popular belief, The Fallout is not actually based on a true story. The film’s director and writer, Megan Park has clarified that it wasn’t one particular incident which inspired the film. Instead, it was born from her personal frustrations and sadness over the topic as a whole, along with an element of fear.

The end of The Fallout is just as tragic as the start. After battling with severe mental health issues and drug use, by the end of the film it seems as though Vada is moving towards a healthier road of recovery.



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