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Returnal is stressful and difficult, but once you adjust to its nightmarish gameplay, you can sink into the cerebral and haunting story.

As well, What does the child watch do in Returnal?

What the Returnal Child’s Watch Does. The Child’s Watch brings players back to life when their health reaches zero. You’ll come back to life in the exact place you were when you died, with all of your weapons, parasites, artifacts and other items, and a small amount of health.

Then Is Returnal a long game?

Main Story: 21 Hours

Sticking to the main content only will take players about 21 hours to beat Returnal, though obviously this can be shorter or longer depending on how luck goes. Those who do complete the game on the first try will find that some gaps in the narrative are filled in and assumed.

Therefore, Can you have 2 astronauts Returnal? Also, the two items stack with each other, so you can carry both at the same time, giving you two retries in the same run. For more on this new PS5 exclusive, here are our top Returnal Tips for mastering your cycle. While you can find our Returnal Review, here.

What is astronaut Returnal? The astronaut artifact gives you a second chance when you die. It revives you from a killing blow, once your suit integrity reaches zero. When it activates, you resurrect with all of your weapons, weapon proficiency, modifications, parasites, artifacts, keys, datacubes, consumables, etc.

What does astronaut mean in Returnal?

The makers have added the Astronaut Figurine in Returnal and it is certainly an important addition to the game. It acts as an extra life for the players as it can be used when Selene’s health drops to zero. This will lead to the screen turning completely black and will get Delene back to the same spot where she died.

What happens when you finish Returnal?

Unlock Act III: When the player beats the game, they will receive an Act II trophy, but there is an Act III trophy available with more content. To unlock this, go back to the forest biome to discover the new house sequence. This will lead players down more story content to discover.

How many endings are in Returnal?

The game’s first two endings are unlocked by simply playing far enough through the game. The hidden ending can only be obtained if the player finds a pair of car keys when Selene is hallucinating or if the player is taken back to her old house. So there are a total of 3 endings in the game.

How hard is Returnal?

Returnal released in April as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, and received favorable reviews from critics. However, the game is notorious for its high level of difficulty, causing Returnal to fall off people’s radars in recent months. Although its gameplay is challenging, Returnal’s concept is fairly straight forward.

Is Selene the child Returnal?

This ending (and the house sequence events that precede it) also seem to confirm that Selene wasn’t the one driving the car in the original ending and that she was the child. The real driver was her mom, Theia.

How do you get a Returnal life?

Returnal: Getting an extra life

But the most common way is to obtain an Astronaut Figurine, which will revive you just once in the event of death. Tied quite tightly to Selene’s past, the Astronaut is a symbol of hope for her, the flavour text on which simply says “Personal item. It doesn’t want to let you go.”

Do you keep artifacts Returnal?

Basically everything else in Returnal. The long list includes everything from Obolites and artifacts to parasites and translocation spheres. Astronaut figurines disappear when you die, resurrecting you, and none of the suit integrity upgrades you’ve on a run made carry over to the next.

What is reconstructor Returnal?

The Reconstructor allows you to change your respawn point. Normally, you return to the crash site at the very beginning of the game when you die in Returnal, but activating a Reconstructor will allow you to respawn at that location whenever you die next.

Where is the astronaut Returnal?

This guide will cover how to unlock one of the most useful early game artifacts – the Astronaut Figurine in Returnal. It’s located inside the 20th Century House, which is locked at first and you need to get inside to get the Figurine!

Is the astronaut permanent Returnal?

The Astronaut Figurine is one of Returnal’s best temporary items. Here’s how it works, and where the little Apollo-era astronaut can be found. Death isn’t quite permanent in Returnal, the psychological horror-filled third-person roguelike PS5 exclusive, but it does come with severe consequences.

How do you get an extra life on Returnal?

Returnal: Getting an extra life

But the most common way is to obtain an Astronaut Figurine, which will revive you just once in the event of death. Tied quite tightly to Selene’s past, the Astronaut is a symbol of hope for her, the flavour text on which simply says “Personal item. It doesn’t want to let you go.”

Is Returnal all in her head?

The simple explanation is that all of Returnal is taking place in Selene’s head. The White Shadow signal she’s been chasing? That was simply the light above the water’s surface which her car crashed into.

Is there a true ending to Returnal?

Returnal’s true ending is hidden behind an entire third act. In it, Selene returns to the car that she left underwater in the previous ending. This time, she’s teleported to a strange void where she finds a skeletal alien sitting in a wheelchair.

Does Returnal have multiple endings?

Returnal is a game with multiple endings, but not in the way that fans are used to. In order to get the game’s secret ending, players need to have quite a bit of patience, dedication, and skill, as well as a thorough understanding of the game’s mechanics.

Is Returnal just a dream?

The idea behind that explanation is that Selene was obsessed with her work, was in a terrible car accident partially caused by fatigue, and has essentially imagined her journey through Returnal as either a dream formed in her dying moments or some way to cope with what really happened by replacing the events of this

Does Returnal ha
ve a secret ending?

Returnal is a very mysterious game at its core, and there’s even a secret true ending that is only obtainable after beating the final boss that provides closure to the game’s story. That’s right, Returnal isn’t over once you beat the final boss.

Is Returnal too hard to play?

Returnal is tough. Like, really tough. The new PlayStation 5 exclusive is a third-person shooter with roguelite elements. That means that players will spend a lot of time dying and trying again in a run with a totally different layour.

Is Returnal easier than Dark Souls?

Well, according to some, Returnal could be a very difficult game, even harder than Dark Souls or Demon’s Souls games, which are known for their demanding gameplay. … According to, Returnal is harder than Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls games, which, as you know, are insanely popular amongst hardcore gamers.

Is Returnal worth buying?

Returnal is one of the best-looking games on the PlayStation 5 console. Atropos consists of six uniquely designed biomes; a tropical rainforest, a dense forest, a desert, and more. Each biome has unique design elements, including towering statues of the extinct alien civilisation and dense alien flora.

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