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Actress Paige Hurd is known for her role as the neighborhood crush on Chris Rock sitcom Everybody Hates Chris but few know that she is the goddaughter of rapper DMX.


Secondly, Does Paige Hurd have a twin?

She was raised by her mother together with 4 other siblings. Not much is known about her having a twin, but her little brother named Pierce is said to have suffered from cancer but is now free of the disease.

Subsequently, Is Paige Hurd related to DMX?

Hurd was born in Dallas, Texas. She was born to an African American father and a Puerto Rican mother. Her godfather is rapper DMX. … Paige started her acting career training with Dallas Young Actors Studio directed by Linda Seto.

Likewise, Who are Paige Hurd parents?

The actress was born to an African American father and Puerto Rican mother, according to IMDb. From Instagram, it appears Hurd’s mother is Cheryl Martin, talent manager and CEO of CMA Entertainment which represents actors.Nov 30, 2020

What is Paige Hurd net worth?

How much is Paige Hurd Worth? Paige Hurd net worth: Paige Hurd is an American actress who has a net worth of $2 million dollars. Paige Hurd was born in Dallas, Texas and began her professional acting career in the late 90s with a guest-starring role on the television show, “Felicity”.

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Is Paige Hurd married?

She has not faced any harsh criticism for her acting. Her work has been appreciated by one and all. Her love life has been much talked about and she has been rumored to be with a number of her male co-stars. She is straight and is presently dating Maurice Harkless, an American basketball player.Oct 22, 2020

Can Paige Hurd play the piano?

As Vanessa, the role required her to play in a piano recital, yet Paige had never played a lick of the piano. This determined and ambitious actress learned the piano amazingly quickly to provide the true depth the character had to offer, just so she could have the role.

What is Paige Hurd worth?

$2 million dollars

How old is the daughter on the oval?

4-year old

Who is Paige Hurd father?

Hurd was born in Dallas, Texas. She was born to an African American father and a Puerto Rican mother. Her godfather is rapper DMX. She was featured in the comedy Beauty Shop (2005) starring Queen Latifah and portrayed Tasha, next door neighbor of Chris in the Chris Rock-produced TV series Everybody Hates Chris.

Is Paige Hurd single?

She is Unmarried. Paige Hurd was born on 20 July 1992 in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. She also played DMX’s daughter in Cradle 2 the Grave (2003), a film about a few precious stones that get into the wrong hands, starring Jet Li. Hurd was born in Dallas, Texas.Nov 6, 2020

Who is Paige Hurd’s father?

Al B Sure

Who is the daughter on the oval?

Tyler Perry’s The Oval
First Daughter Gayle Franklin
Main role

Is the first lady on the oval a man?

The Oval
First Lady Victoria Franklin
Series regular

How old is Kron Moore?

45 yearsApril 15, 1975

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