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Neffe and Shelby Agree to End Their Marriage.Aug 11, 2018

Neffe (birth name – Neffeteria Pugh) is an American author and veteran BET reality TV personality who had her own show on the network called – ”The Frankie and Neffe Show.” She rejoined the network as a star of the television program – ”Keyshia Cole: All In.”May 8, 2020

Secondly, Where is Frankie and Neffe?

Frankie & Neffe
Production locations
Running time
Original network

Subsequently, How do you get on Iyanla Fix My Life?

NOW CASTING Iyanla: Fix My Life for Oprah Winfrey Network! To apply, please visit Tag below a friend or family member who’d benefit from the opportunity to work with Iyanla!

Likewise, Who is Elite Noel’s father?

But when the DNA test came back it revealed that Neffe’s father Ellis “Vic” Randolph was not the father of her sister Elite. Mother Frankie (55) recently revealed to her daughter Elite (30) that it was a possibility that Ellis “Vic” Randolph’s brother William “Ronnie” Randolph the 3rd (61) may be her father.Feb 4, 2020

Is Frankie on Iyanla Fix My Life?

Keyshia Cole’s 2 Gay Brothers To Appear On Next Episode of Iyanla Fix My Life. The latest season of Iyanla Fix My Life has already kicked off with more mess and drama and the next couple of episodes are continuing the trend. … The Mitchell Boys are Frankie’s (Keyshia Cole’s mother) sons two of them Marvin and Melvin.Mar 9, 2018

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What is neffe net worth?

Neffe Pugh has an estimated net worth of $450,000, or roughly half a million dollars. The star earned much of her net worth from her salary as a BET reality TV star.

Who is Neffeteria and Shelby?

Neffe Pugh and her then-husband got up for church one morning and their son was gone. Before Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh made a life with her husband Shelby “Soullow” Lowery, the reality TV star was married to a man with whom she had a son. But Neffe’s family life crumbled when that son died at 3 months old.Apr 17, 2017

What did iyanla call neffe?

vile guttersnipe straight up out the hood

What episode was DMX on Iyanla Fix My Life?

No. in series
Iyanla travels to DMX’s hometown of Yonkers, New York. Things go awry as DMX’s emotions run high and his temper takes over. She also sits down with DMX’s 19-year-old son, Xavier and his estranged wife, Tashera.

How did iyanla lose her daughter?

On Christmas Day 2003, Vanzant’s 30-year-old daughter, Gemmia, died from a rare form of colon cancer.

What is Keyshia Cole nationality?


Is Iyanla Fix My Life Cancelled?

Iyanla Vanzant has announced her popular self-help series Iyanla: Fix My Life is ending. “This is my last season. This is my legacy season, I’m out. … 2020,” Vanzant said during a virtual news conference about the OWN series, which The Grio was first to report Thursday.Oct 29, 2020

Who is Elite Noel?

Elite Noel is a singer, songwriter and rapper who is also the CEO of Futuristic Soul Productions. Noel, younger sister to R&B singer Keyshia Cole, is currently an independent artist striving to make it big in music.

Is neffe and Shelby still married 2020?

Neffeteria and Shelby Agree to End Their Marriage By the end of their work with Iyanla, it is clear to Neffeteria and Shelby that their marriage ended a long time ago and that it is now time to move forward as individuals rather than husband and wife.Aug 11, 2018

Is Iyanla Vanzant still married?

Iyanla and Yemi divorced in 2007, and for years, this relationship expert says she felt like a fraud because she wasn’t able to save her marriage. “All things are lessons that God would have us learn,” Iyanla says.Feb 23, 2011

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