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Kingman: The Golden Circle saw the death of another fan favorite character in Mark Strong’s Merlin, who is killed in a mine explosion. … Merlin’s heroic death is considered one of the film’s highlights, but the first cut of Kingsman: The Golden Circle reveals the explosion only cost him his legs.

Also, How did eggsy’s father died?

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Gary “Eggsy” Unwin is a former street punk turned Kingsman agent, under the alias of Galahad. His father was a former candidate for the position of Lancelot who died while protecting Harry Hart and his unit from a grenade blast.

Accordingly, Is Merlin really dead in Kingsman 2?

Unlike every other agent save for Eggsy, Merlin wasn’t killed when Kingsman was destroyed by the people Charlie had defected to as they didn’t think he had much importance since he was “mere staff”.

in the same way Who all died in Kingsman 2?


  • Two Unnamed Terrorists – Shot by a helicopter.
  • Lee Unwin – Blew himself up along with a terrorist.
  • Unnamed Terrorist – Blown up by Lee Unwin.
  • Six Unnamed Men – Beaten up and shot by Old Lancelot.
  • James Spencer/Lancelot – Sliced in half Gazelle with her leg.

Is Whiskey bad Kingsman?

Whiskey. In a twist which Kingsman 2’s marketing did manage to hide, a fourth and final villain gets revealed in the film’s final minutes – Pedro Pascal’s Whiskey. … Not to mention, having a mole inside the organization is also a holdover from the first film.

Why is Eggsy not in Kingsman 3?

Because “The King’s Man” isn’t part of the official trilogy, it won’t star Colin Firth or Taron Egerton. However, don’t take that to mean the story of Harry Hart (Firth) and Eggsy (Egerton) won‘t come to a close. As it turns out, there will also be an official “Kingsman 3” somewhere down the road.

Why is Eggsy called Eggsy?

The origins of Eggsy’s full name all involve Mark Millar. ‘Gary’ is a reference to ‘Gary London’ from Millar’s ‘The Secret Service’ comics (of which these movies are based from). ‘Eggsy’ is the nickname of his childhood friend. And ‘Unwin’ is his wife’s maiden name.

Is Lancelot Eggsy’s dad?

Lee Unwin was Eggsy‘s father and a Kingsman trainee for the position of Lancelot, following the former agent’s death. He is portrayed by Jonno Davies.

How is Harry alive in Kingsman 2?

Statesman agents Tequila (Channing Tatum) and Ginger (Halle Berry) flew to the church, where they found Harry near death. Recognizing Harry’s digital glasses as official spyware, The Statesman assumed he was a fellow agent, and used one of their signature pieces of tech to save his life: Alpha Gel.

Was Whiskey a double agent?

He was a high-ranking in the secret American spy agency Statesman and a double agent who had the intention to take revenge on the drug addicts due to the death of his wife and unborn child – while also financially profiting from the elimination of drugs due to his shares in Statesman whiskey.

Why is Roxy not in Kingsman 2?

Kingsman 2 began production four months earlier, in April 2016, meaning that Roxy’s death in the film was likely due to her actor understandably choosing to focus on a series in which she played a main character. … For that matter, it’s time to bring Roxy back and let her live up to her on-screen potential.

Who’s the bad guy in Kingsman 2?

Poppy Adams is the main antagonist of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service.

How did Charlie lose his arm in Kingsman?

While Charlie did have an implant behind his ear like Valentine’s other disciples, his malfunctioned when the heads started to explode. … So rather than blowing his head off, Charlie’s implant fired sideways. The explosion blew off his arm and damaged his vocal cords, but he managed to survive.

Why is Dalmore so expensive?

This incredible price tag is due primarily because of its taste and rarity. Only 12 bottles of the Dalmore 62 were created. … But more than the monetary value of these whiskies, each bottle holds a great amount of value in terms of the brand’s heritage.

Is Agent Whiskey a villain?

Jack Daniels, also better known as Agent Whiskey, is the final antagonist of the 2017 movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Is there really a Kingsman Secret Service?

Kingsman is a British-American film franchise, consisting of action-comedy films, that follow the missions of the Kingsman, a fictional secret service organization.

Is there a 4th Kingsman?

It’s currently scheduled to hit theaters on February 12, 2021. There’s also a third (well, technically fourth) film being planned. Vaughn said that sequel would be “the conclusion of the Harry Hart–Eggsy relationship,” adding: “The next movie is what happens to these characters [after the events of The Golden Circle].

What name is eggsy short for?

Characters table

Character Portrayed by Film
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
Gary “Eggsy” Unwin / Galahad Taron Egerton Main
Hamish Mycroft / Merlin Mark Strong Main
Primary supporting characters

Is Eggsy a British name?

Gary Unwin, more commonly known as Eggsy, is the main protagonist in the 2014 film Kingsman: The Secret Service and its 2017 sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle. … Before joining the Kingsman agency, Eggsy was a rough street kid who frequently got into trouble. He is portrayed by Welsh actor Taron Egerton.

Do Eggsy and Roxy get together?

Roxy proves to be an exceptional agent too – despite a fear of heights – and eventually wins the title of Lancelot over Eggsy. Nonetheless, she, Eggsy and Merlin work together in the finale to take down villain Valentine’s plan. Roxy became a fan favorite and a sequel should have given her more room to grow.

Who does Eggsy end up with

Princess Tilde is a character from the Kingsman film series. She is the main love interest of Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, and they both marry at the end of the second movie, The Golden Circle.

Does eggsy marry the princess?

Princess Tilde is a character from the Kingsman film series. She is the main love interest of Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, and they both marry at the end of the second movie, The Golden Circle.

Did the girl drown in Kingsman?

Being first and only seen in the first movie, Amelia is known as one of the next candidates for a suitable agent in Kingsman. After offering Eggsy a pen, she introduced herself to Eggsy. … After Eggsy breaks the glass and completed the test, Merlin revealed her death, caused by drowning.

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