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The character, played by actress Geneva Carr, will not be killed off or written out of the series. Instead, the show’s producers have decided to kill off her character’s secret instead. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Geneva Carr explains why Marissa left Bull and how it relates to the real-life struggles of trans people.

After six seasons on CBS, the compelling legal drama Bull has officially come to an end. Star Geneva Carr who played Marissa Morgan, wrote a heartwarming farewell message to the cast and the crew after the cancellation of the series was confirmed.

During episode 10, fans once again became concerned that Marissa would be leaving the show. It was after she spent the whole episode arguing with leading man Bull. Things got so bad that she actually went to his wife to talk to her about how she could improve her relationship with him.

The show has revealed that Marissa is transgender in a special episode airing on October 27th. Marissa tells Bull (Michael Weatherly) that she is transitioning from male to female and wants him to help her make it through this difficult time.

Who is Marissa Morgan in Bull?

Bull is inspired by the exploits of real- life trial science expert Dr. Phil McGraw.

Bull season six is available to watch weekly on Thursdays on CBS at 10pm ET/PT or 9pm CT.

Did Marissa leave TAC?

In the Bull season 6 winter premiere, “False Positive,” Marissa decides to meet with a rival company about a potential job after struggling with her treatment at TAC in recent months. The storyline is one that has been building all season long as Marissa has struggled with being overlooked and not treated as an equal by Jason.

Considering Marissa announced her decision to leave TAC in the Bull winter premiere, the burning question on the minds of fans is whether Geneva Carr is about to become the latest original cast member to leave the series.



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