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Liyah Kirkpatrick is Kyla Pratt’s youngest daughter with her husband, Danny Kirkpatrick. Image Source: Zimbio/YouTube. Actress Kyla Pratt ‘s daughter Liyah Kirkpatrick was born on the 5th of August 2013 with her husband, Danny Kilpatrick. Liyah is not the only kid of Kyla.

Actress Kyla Pratt recently shared sweet pictures of her longtime partner Danny Kirkpatrick with their adorable children in a special tribute for Father’s Day. “Doctor Dolittle” actress Kyla Pratt let her longtime partner Danny Kirkpatrick know how much she loves him.

Kyla’s boyfriend, Danny “KP” Kirkpatrick, is a renowned songwriter, hip-hop artist, and tattoo artist who owns IAM Compton, an African American-operated Ink Art Music shop in Compton, California. Together, the couple appears on the reality TV series ‘Black Ink Crew: Compton,’ a spin-off of ‘Black Ink Crew.’

Liyah has an elder sister named Lyric Kai Kilpatrick, who was born on the 17th of November, 2010. It took a while for Kyla to reveal her daughter Liyah to the public.

How long was Kyla Pratt’s boyfriend?

Kyla Pratt’s Boyfriend Of 11 Years Shares Their Story In The Most Unromantic Way. When most people share their love stories, they speak about what first attracted them to the person or how their relationship transformed from friendship to love, what they most admire about the person. But that wasn’t the case when Danny “KP” Kilpatrick spoke about …

There was never a moment when Kilpatrick said anything complimentary about Pratt. In fact, he never even spoke about how they came to be in a romantic relationship. When he references Kyla, there’s generally a diminutive description. She was a “little” actress who he didn’t recognize.

Who is Kyla Pratt?

Kyla A. Pratt is the oldest of five children of Kecia Pratt, an actress, and Stacey Allen Morris, a mechanical engineer. Pratt gave birth to a daughter, Lyric Kirkpatrick, on November 17, 2010. She gave birth to another daughter, Liyah Kirkpatrick, on August 5, 2013.

She also sang “It’s All About Me”, for the series soundtrack for The Proud Family. She sang “ A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes ” with the Disney Channel Stars. Kyla also sang in the 2019 Lifetime Christmas movie, “There’s No Time Like Christmas.”

Pratt has also been in the films Fat Albert, Hotel for Dogs, and The Proud Family Movie. She also appeared in the series Let’s Stay Together. She is currently a part of VH1’s Black Ink Crew: Compton and the cast of Call Me Kat on Fox .

Dolittle 3 (2006), Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief (2008), and Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts (2009). In 2009, Kyla Pratt co-starred along Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin in Hotel for Dogs.

Children. 2. Kyla Alissa Pratt (born September 16, 1986) is an American actress and musician. She played the voice of Penny Proud in the first animated series for Disney Channel called The Proud Family, and Breanna Latrice Barnes in UPN ‘s One on One.


In 1997, she appeared in an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger entitled “The Neighborhood”, in which she portrayed Kyla Jarvis, a ten-year-old girl who miraculously recovers after accidentally being shot in a drive-by shooting in her gang-ridden neighborhood, and reveals that she saw heaven where she met a guardian angel who gives her an important mission from God. With Walker’s help, Kyla Jarvis spreads the angel message of faith and love, uniting her local community into helping clean up their neighborhood and end the gang violence plaguing it. She appeared in an episode of Friends, followed by roles in Smart Guy, Sister, Sister, Family Matters, Lizzie McGuire, Moesha, and The Parkers.

Pratt joined the cast of BET’s Let’s Stay Together in its second season. In February 2014, Pratt was voted #97 on VH1 ‘s 100 Greatest Child Stars. In June 2014, she starred alongside Jessica Sula in a Freeform pilot called Recovery Road based on Blake Nelson ‘s novel of the same name.


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