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Jeffree is also dealing with his mother’s health struggles. While the YouTube star has had many ups and downs this year, Jeffree opened up about his birth mom’s health a few months ago. “I have been dealing with my birth mom being very sick.

Jeffree isn’t adopted. However, he does have a complicated relationship with his mother — which is what led to the beauty star referring to her as his “birth mom.” See, Jeffree lost his father at age 6 when he died by suicide. Following his father’s death, Jeffrey was raised by his mom.

The truth was that Jeffree Star and his birth mother, Marra, had fallen out shortly after Jeffree graduated high school and had not spoken in a decade. Laurie Steininger is Star’s aunt through marriage on his father’s side, someone Star remained close to even after the death of his uncle Phil.

His father, named Jeff, Star said he was a “junior before he passed away,” had two brothers, Roger and Phillip, all deceased, and that Laurie is the wife of his uncle Phil. He said it did start out as a white lie, using his aunt as a placeholder for his mother but he had no choice.

Who is Star’s mother?

His father committed suicide when he was just a young boy and he was raised by his mother, Laurie Steininger who he said was a model. He played with her make-up and by the time he was in junior high school, he wasn’t just playing dress-up at home.

Calling it a “very weird and bizarre secret” Star says that while in his series with YouTuber Shane Dawson , he speaks about his mother and while what he says is true, what people find on the internet, images of him and his mother are a “lie.”

Star said before seeing her nine months ago he had no idea where she was or how she was doing. Where did she work? Did she remarry? Did he have a step-father? “I knew absolutely nothing about the woman that gave birth to me.”

Ironically, his aunt playing his mother helped to promote and launch Jeffree Star beginning in early 2012 as evidenced by her Twitter account. His real mother never said anything, at least publicly. “Her name is Laurie and she’s my actual aunt,” on his father’s side by marriage.

Who is the family of Jeffree Star?

The family of Jeffree Star, unstoppable beauty phenomenon. The family of Jeffree Star, unstoppable beauty phenomenon. Jeffree Star started his prolific career by first becoming a well-known glam rock music artist on MySpace in the 2000s; he even collaborated with rap sensation Nicki Minaj on the song “Lollipop Luxury”.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio. He was born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger but as though he had peeked into his future, the make-up mogul changed his name to Jeffree Star and he has truly transformed himself to an iconic star. Keep reading to meet Star’s family and his unconventional love interest.

Jeffree Star dogs: 6 Pomeranians. Star and his boyfriend Schwandt have six Pomeranians: Diva, Diamond, Daddy, Delicious, Drama and Da Vinci in their huge Californian residence; Nate who once worked in a pet shop gladly tends to the pets after all, Star needs his beauty sleep. (L-R) Delicious, Diamond, Diva and Daddy.


Jeffrey Steininger Sr. (father) Date of Birth: 1954. Date of Death: 1991 (age 37) He died from suicide when his son was just about six years old leaving Jeffree and his mother all alone. Name Unknown (mother) As perfect as his life seems to be now, Star says he comes from a troubled childhood.

Zodiac Sign: Leo. Nathan is an Instagram star but is best known as being the gay lover to the renowned makeup connoisseur. Both partners met on Instagram and started dating in March 2015, they are together till date but Jeffree does not see the need to make any sweeping generalizations about his sexuality.

Who is Jeffree’s mom?

Jeffree has various photos with his “mom” posted on his social media platforms, but it turns out that she’s not actually his mother. The woman he claims is his mom is actually his aunt, Laurie Steininger. After his father passed away, Jeffree didn’t have a healthy relationship with his mother, so his aunt and uncle took him in and raised him.

At only 32 years old, Jeffree has built a multi-million dollar brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, that has gathered an intense cult following through the short five years it’s been up and running. Not only that, but Star also has had music, modeling, and acting careers. He’s not afraid to reveal the revenue he makes from his business ventures (spoiler alert, it’s a lot), but it hasn’t always been this way.

Despite the claims that Kat Von D helped Jeffree get his foot in the door to launch his cosmetics brand back in 2006, things ended badly between the two in 2016, when Kat very publicly ended their friendship due to Jeffree’s “drug use, racism, and bullying”… and the fact that he allegedly wasn’t paying employees.

One of the things that contributes most to Jeffree Star’s unique appearance is his famous tattoos. They cover him from his feet all the way up to his neck, plus one tattoo on his temple. He wanted to remind himself of what he looks like without all of his ink, so he temporarily covered them up with makeup for a video.

Last year, during Pride Month, he came out with a limited-edition lipstick set called the Equality Mini Bundle. All of the proceeds, totaling $125,000, was donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

It’s no secret that Jeffree Star makes a lot of money. Like, a lot. And he’s known for making the exact amount public knowledge.

Jeffree Star obviously has a very unique appearance and sometimes it can be unclear what he wants to be identified as. He takes pride in being androgynous and even released an eyeshadow palette called Androgyny. He admitted to OUT Magazine that he doesn’t really consider himself to be anything, and just likes to express himself in whatever form he is feeling that day.

Who passed away from Jeffree?

While the beauty guru did not initially revealed who in his family had passed away, Jeffree eventually confirmed the news that one of his six Pomeranians, Diamond, had passed away unexpectedly.

He also released an emotional video with his boyfriend, Nathan, where the influencer opened up even more about his loss. As expected, fans and fellow YouTubers flooded his social media pages with support. “Little diamond was such a sweet baby girl and she loved you both so much,” LipStickNick sweetly commented.


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