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The first time we hear that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is Michael’s sister is in Halloween II (1981). … Evidently, after Michael killed his older sister, the governor sealed his family’s information. Laurie was born two years before Michael was committed, and their parents died two years after he was sent away.

Furthermore How rich is Jamie Lee Curtis? Jamie Lee Curtis Net Worth

Net Worth: $60 Million
Date of Birth: Nov 22, 1958 (63 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession: Actor, Writer, Author, Voice Actor

Why is Michael Myers obsessed with Laurie? because she is his sister in most movies. while in the most recent ones, she was the only one to ever survive him, son he became obsessed with her and won’t stop until she is dead, and his killing won’t likely end there either. he just wants to kill her. Originally Answered: Why was Michael Myers after Laurie Strode?

Subsequently, Why is Michael Myers always after Jamie Lee Curtis? However, “Halloween II” reveals an even more sinister reason behind the eternal connection between Laurie and Michael, as they’re actually siblings. The Strode family adopted Laurie after her parents died in a car crash in 1965, just five years after Michael killed his sister Judith Myers (Sandy Johnson).

Did Michael Myers have 2 sisters?

Michael Audrey Myers was born on October 19, 1957. He had an older sister named Judith and a younger sister. The family resided in a two-story house at 45 Lampkin Lane in the suburban town of Haddonfield, Illinois.

Why did Tony Curtis disinherit his daughter Jamie Lee Curtis? While Allegra was adamant about not naming names, court papers filed by her sister Kelly said Curtis’s decision to disinherit his children “Is a result of duress, menace, fraud or undue influence by Jill Curtis and/ or others.” … “Tony was very specific in his wishes,” said Jill.

How much was Jamie Lee Curtis paid for Halloween 2021? That movie, made in 17 days for $300,000, which I was paid $8,000 for, was the greatest experience I had ever had. The part of Laurie Strode was real and deep and challenging.”

How old is Jamie Lee Curtis 61? Jamie Lee Curtis was born on 22 November 1958. Jamie Lee Curtis is 63 years old.

Why does Michael Myers not speak?

Though the exact reason is never given, it is assumed that Myers became silent after he murdered his sister. Upon being discovered outside the home by parents and police, then subsequently transferred to a mental facility, 6 year old Michael Myers never spoke again. While incarcerated, Dr.

What did Michael Myers want with his sister? Michael Myers wanted to kill his sister Judith on the night of Halloween because she chose to call her boyfriend over and hook up with him while babysitting Michael. Michael wanted to go trick or treating with his sister, but she made plans with her boyfriend, which enraged Michael.

Why is Michael Myers always after his sister?

His motive for murder could follow slasher movie logic – in which the killer is often motivated by a combination of neglect and jealousy. Michael was supposed to be being looked after by his sister who was babysitting him – but instead she went off to have sex.

Does Michael Myers have a weakness? Michael Myers’ only genuine weakness is his fascination with Halloween. With very few instances, he only truly kills on or around this day. He once sat peacefully in a cave for over a year, waiting for October’s end. Once it came close enough, he rose to his feet and began murdering.

Why does Laurie Strode have a different last name?

In 1966, her parents were killed in an automobile accident and to protect her identity, it was reported that Cynthia had died in the accident as well. In reality, Laurie went into the foster care system where she was soon adopted by the Strode family and her name legally changed to Laurie Strode.


Did Michael Myers have a baby with his niece?

Six years ago, Michael Myers terrorized the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. He and his niece, Jamie Lloyd, have disappeared. Jamie was kidnapped by a bunch of evil druids who protect Michael Myers. And now, six years later, Jamie has escaped after giving birth to Michael’s child.

Is Michael Myers her brother? Laurie is generally considered the main protagonist of the series, with later films revealing Michael to be her older brother, although this detail is not present in the first film and disregarded by the current continuity, in which the Shape views her as She Who Will Not Die.

Who is Lori to Michael Myers? In Halloween II (1981), it’s revealed that Laurie is Michael’s sister. However, David Gordon Green and his fellow writers de-canonized all of the sequels and made Halloween (2018) a direct sequel to the 1978 film.

Is Jamie Lee Curtis friends with Mark Harmon?

Jamie Lee Curtis has shared a sweet tribute to her friend Mark Harmon following his final episode of NCIS. The actress, who appeared for five episodes of the hit drama in season nine, took to social media to share how it was one of the “unexpected delights” of her career and congratulated him on 19 years with the show.

Who are Jamie Lee Curtis’s parents? Everything about the parents of Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie Lee Curtis was born in 1958 to Hollywood actress-singer-dancer-author Janet Leigh (born Jeanette Helen Morrison in 1927) and actor Tony Curtis (born Bernard Schwartz in 1925).

How much has Jamie Lee Curtis made off the Halloween movies?

“Every other person was under 30. It was magic. A friend of somebody cooked the food each day and we all ate on the ground together,” Lee recalled. “Halloween” ultimately banked a whopping $47 million at the box office, inspiring multiple sequels and making a bonfide star of Lee.

Is Jamie Lee Curtis wearing a wig in Halloween 2? Since Jamie Lee Curtis had begun to wear a much shorter hairstyle in the 1980s, she had to wear a wig that matched her original hairstyle for the film. This is the only Halloween film to show the morning after the 31st. … He later called Halloween II “an abomination and a horrible movie”.

Why is Michael Myers face deformed?

Even though many people believe that Michael Myers’ face was deformed by his left eye, it was really supposed to have represented the injury that he had sustained when Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) stabbed him in the eye with the close hanger.

Has Michael Myers ever shown his face? Technically, Michael Myers was unmasked throughout the beginning of Halloween (2018), but the front of his face was never shown. Here, in Halloween Kills, audiences get to see part of the front but mostly a side profile of Michael Myers’ face.

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