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Appearance. Inosuke is a young man of average height and pale complexion with an extremely toned and muscular build for his age, possessing large, defined muscles most notably over his stomach and arms.

Also, Does Zenitsu marry Nezuko?

Nezuko Kamado

Despite having an intense fear of Demons, Zenitsu develops a crush on Nezuko. … Eventually Zenitsu and Nezuko would marry and start a family as evidenced by their descendants.

Accordingly, Why is Inosuke so pretty?

What’s the actual plot reason as to why? Inosuke tends to look like a girl because he takes after his mother. The two look very similar, sharing the same attractive features. Inosuke learns the majority of the information about his mother during the final arc.

in the same way Why did Inosuke hide his face?

It’s his most recognizable feature, but how did it come about? Inosuke likes to wear a boar mask because he was raised by boars for the first few years of his life. It is unknown how the wild boar found him, but his origin chapter says the mother boar may have just lost one of her children.

Does Aoi like Inosuke?

At the end of the chapter, there is a picture of Inosuke giving acorns to Aoi while she smiles. It is confirmed in the Volume 23 extras that Inosuke and Aoi did eventually end up together and that they have two great-grandsons, one of which is Aoba.

Who is Tanjiro’s crush?

But Demon Slayer introduced Tanjiro’s main love interest briefly, and she doesn’t really return until the end of the season, when she is fighting against him. His love interest that develops as the story goes on is Kanao Tsuyuri and their romance is quite adorable.

Can Nezuko talk?

Though she could have been killed, Nezuko did not hesitate to protect her brother. On the rare occasion that Nezuko attempts speech, she has been seen to stutter a lot, which may be due to her bamboo mouthpiece, which is seldom removed, and the fact that she didn’t speak for a number of years after her transformation.

Why is Inosuke a girl?

There is no explanation why he has a feminine face but it was confirmed that he was a man. Some fans assume that the reason he covered his face is to avoid people mistaking him for a girl. But it appeared that Inosuke was raised by boars which explains his lack of understanding about humans.

Is Inosuke attractive?

Zenitsu finds it disgusting, but Tanjiro declares openly that Inosuke’s face is “quite petite, fair-skinned and therefore attractive”. … Tanjiro reencounters with Inosuke at the Butterfly State, where he almost cries of happiness after seeing that he’s alright.

Why is Inosuke a pig?

Inosuke’s origin is that his mother fled from her abusive husband while Inosuke was just a baby. They took refuge with a cult, but when she learned it was run by the demon Doma, she tried to flee into the woods. The demon managed to kill his mother, but infant Inosuke was later raised by boars.

Is Inosuke Hashira level?

Abilities. Overall Abilities: Despite being only two ranks from the bottom, Inosuke is a Hashira-level swordsman with incredible abilities and attributes. … Both his hand-to-hand combat style and swordsmanship are very reminiscent of animals and beasts.

Why does Inosuke not wear a shirt?

He isn’t too accustomed to wearing shirts, and whenever a new uniform is made for him, he always rips his shirt off, quite literally. This is why the uniform makers don’t like him – they have to constantly keep making him new uniforms that he instantly rips off.

Does Inosuke like anyone?

Aoi is visibly sad about Inosuke’s terrible condition, since he had poison through his body and she thought it was too late to stop the bleeding. … After this gesture, Inosuke visibly starts to see her in a good light. Eventually, she and Inosuke Hashibira marry and having a great-grandson named Aoba Hashibira.

Why did Inosuke break his swords?

But why does Inosuke chip his swords? Inosuke likes to chip his swords because it gives him extra damage. He said it feels like being “sliced by a thousand blades” as the sword tears inside and out of an opponent. Every demon slayer has their own specialties, and Inosuke’s weapons are no exception.

Who married GIYU?

Sanemi Shinazugawa

their wedding ceremony, the two Hashira look to each other and smile, since their long journey finally ended.

How old is Nezuko?

14 Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado is one of the youngest characters in Demon Slayer as she is only 12 years old at the start of the story when she is turned into a demon.

How old is Tanjiro?

Tanjiro Kamado
Age 13 (debut) 15 (end of Chapter 5) 16-7 (end of Chapter 204)
Birthday July 14th (Cancer)
Sex Male
Height 5’5″ (165 cm)

Did Tanjiro marry Kanao?

After Tanjiro turns into a Demon, Kanao cries when seeing Nezuko trying to calm her brother. … Tanjiro and Kanao would eventually marry and start a family, having two great-grandchildren by the names of Kanata Kamado and Sumihiko Kamado between them.

Will Nezuko eat a human?

Both the anime and manga have never shown if Nezuko eats anything else. But as a demon, she has never eaten a human being. Instead, she seems to be able to recover energy and sustain herself simply by sleeping. This is why she is always asleep throughout the series.

How old is Nezuko now?

14 Nezuko Kamado

A few episodes later, Nezuko is 14 years old, however, physically, she has not aged since that faithful and tragic day, and that’s something that will not change unless Tanjiro finds a cure.

Is Nezuko stronger than Muzan?

These are the best and worst demons in the anime according to their strength levels. go re-read the manga dummy nezuko is clearly stronger than daki (upper moon 6) nezuko’s regeneration is also faster than dak
i’s. … demon tanjiro is also stronger than muzan.

Why does Inosuke wear boar mask?

Inosuke likes to wear a boar mask because he was raised by boars for the first few years of his life. It is unknown how the wild boar found him, but his origin chapter says the mother boar may have just lost one of her children. The boar mask has become the recognizable signature of Inosuke’s character.

Is Inosuke half demon?

Inosuke Hashibira, a half-demon among demon slayers.

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