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Erales is married with four children, according to his Bravo bio page, and has shared multiple photos on his Instagram of his family, including a recent post in June where he expressed gratitude to his spouse and kids.

Gabe Erales’ wife is Linda Young, or Linda Erales. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and their three kids. Young studied for a bachelors of education in Spanish at the University of Eastern New Mexico.

A post shared by (@g_erales) Season 18 Bravo’s Top Chef is married to Linda Young. Young studied a Bachelor of Education in Spanish at the University of Eastern New Mexico and graduated. She was even a member of the Omega fraternity and the president of the Spanish club back then.

Feeling the heat in the kitchen of controversy, Gabe Erales, the Austin-based winner of Bravo’s most recent season of Top Chef, issued a detailed apology on his Instagram on Friday over his previous work conduct.

Gabe Erales is a Mexican American chef based in Austin, Texas. In 2021, Erales won the eighteenth season of Top Chef, becoming the series’ first Latino winner. Erales has a BA and MA in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Oklahoma.

Erales is married with four children, according to his Bravo bio page, and has shared multiple photos on his Instagram of his family, including a recent post in June where he expressed gratitude to his spouse and kids.

He is currently in the process of building a new restaurant called Bacalar Restaurant that is scheduled to open in the summer of 2022. Erales competed in Top Chef: Portland, winning the season and its $250,000 grand prize.

How many kids does Erales have?

Erales is married to Linda and they reportedly have four children. He frequently posts pictures with his children and their life together. He credits his wife for a lot of the success he has received – even taking to Instagram to post about her often.

Erales was fired in December for “repeated violations” of restaurant policies. The announcement that Erales was competing on ‘Top Chef’ was made in February 2021. As the season progressed, rumors started going around that he was fired from the Mexican eatery for violating the restaurant’s policy on harassment and discrimination. And this is something that did not sit well with Twitter users who immediately called out the show and their winner.

Who is Gabe Erales married to?

Gabe Erales is married to his wife Linda Young. Based on his Facebook, the couple has been together for over a decade. She first appeared on his Facebook in December of 2010. Gabe Erales and his wife Linda Young with their kids ( Pic: Gave’s IG)

Gabe Erales Parents. Gabe Erales grew up in El Paso, Texas, west Texas to be more precise. However, his parents hailed from Mexico in the Yucatan, Penninsula, Quintana Roo, to El Paso. His mom was always cooking for a big family and it influenced his cooking. In December 2015, Gabriel wished his mother happy birthday.


His Height. Gabe Erales stands tall at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters). His tall physique and evenly grown facial hair are some of his distinct features. He has inked a tattoo on his left hand which is one of his distinct features. Furthermore, the chef weighed 94 kilograms (207 lbs) as of this writing.

Since then, Gabe and Linda share their life with their four kids: a son named Ezrah, and his three daughters Gabriella, Penelope, and one other anonymous kid. According to Gabe’s wife’s Facebook, she worked at Indeed in December of 2015. Then Linda quit her job in Indeed to join Facebook.

Coming to the details on his siblings, Gabe Erales grew up with 5 brothers and a sister. Most of his family members built a career working in restaurants.

Besides his mother, Gabe Erales decided to dabble into cooking at the age of 15 when his brothers joined the restaurant business as their after-school jobs. But, the food that his mother cooked and that she fed were the ones that influenced him to become a chef.

Gabe Erales from Top Chef is of Mexican nationality who moved to El Paso, Texas and where he grew up later in his life. He moved with his family to the states but more on that later. His cooking has been highly influenced by his Mexican heritage or his parent’s family background.

Why was Gabe Erales fired?

Gabe Erales is apologizing, weeks after a December 2020 report by the Austin Chronicle resurfaced that said the chef was fired as the executive chef of Comedor, a restaurant in Austin, Texas, following allegations of sexual misconduct.

The season 18 winner issued a public apology on his Instagram.

To be clear, no one has alleged sexual harassment on the record or otherwise to Bravo/Top Chef and we judges didn’t have any indication of inappropriate behavior from Gabe during his time on set.


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