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The version of Denmark Tanny in Outer Banks is fictional, but the character is based on a real life figure called Denmark Vesey. Denmark Vesey was a Black carpenter from South Carolina.

Here’s everything we know about the character so far, including the real life Denmark Vesey he is based on, his links to the Limbrey family and how he ended up with the Cross of Santo Domingo that features in Outer Banks season 2.

He discovered the key belonged to slave Denmark Tanny, who was killed by the Limbreys, and Tanny was one of Pope’s ancestors. Fans are keen to know if the character was a real person, as parts of the series were inspired by true events. The Merchant Royal was a real English merchant ship that was lost at sea off Land’s End in 1641.

So it is said that Denmark Tanny was the only survivor of the Merchant’s shipwreck, who sunk far away from the coastline, but yet he managed to bring all the gold that was on board by himself. 1: The price of gold as of today is roughly 1750$ / Troy ounce.

How many days before the revolt was Tanny executed?

He was executed 12 days before the revolt was due to take place, and his story sounds similar to that of Denmark Tanny.

Denmark Tanny does not seem to be a real person on the ship, but he could have been inspired by a historical figure called Denmark Vesey.



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