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In Port Protection, his primary responsibilities are fishing and collecting firewood. What happened to Curly on ‘Port Protection’? Although different people are featured every week, there’s been no indication that anything happened to Curly.

Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach, one of the town’s residents, is in a focus regularly. Learn about him in the article below. From his age to net worth and wife info, this Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach wiki has everything you wanted to know. What Happened To Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach On Port Protection?

At 5’6 and two hundred and fifty solid pounds, Curly is also known to be a prolific hunter and trapper. What he can’t barter for, he kills. Curly is a friend to anyone, but like many in the community, he prefers to work alone.” “Sam Carlson has lived his whole life in the forest around Port Protection.

What is ‘Port Protection’ about? Port Protection follows the resident of Port Protection, Alaska, an extremely small village in rural Alaska that has fewer than 100 residents. In profiling them, the show digs into their rugged, isolationist way of life, set against incredibly harsh conditions.

Where is Curly from Port Protection?

After Port Protection Alaska (not to be confused with Life Below Zero: Port Protection) was canceled after airing three seasons in September 2016, Curly, via his Facebook handle, announced that he would be relocating to his home in Washington. Furthermore, in the Facebook post, he also mentioned his mom and aunt.

Take, Curly’s fellow cast member Gary Muehlberger, who died in a fire that burned his home in March 2021. With that being said, it’s highly unlikely that any bad has happened to Curly.

What does Curly Leach do when he cannot barter?

If there is anything that Curly Leach cannot barter to get, he will simply trap it, kill it, and eat it himself. Or, he might even barter a bit of that to get something else he might need. He is an avid hunter, and he is an avid gatherer.

Rather than earning money to live his life, Curly Leach does his thing by bartering. He’s a lumberjack by trade, so he spends his time bartering firewood to his local community by trading them for the supplies that he needs. He lives well off the grid, and he doesn’t need money to get by.

He Lives Without Anything in Town. While you might simply think that Curly Leach chooses to live his life without dealing with the basics of everyday life that the rest of us do, you might be mistaken. This entire community lives without all the things that you and I are accustomed to living with.

He does his job to keep the town supplied with all of the firewood needed to get through cold days and nights. 2. Curly Leach Doesn’t Use Money.

He keeps to himself, and he’s not about to change that. 7. He is a Republican. The one thing that we know about Curly Leach is that he registered to vote in 1996, and he is registered as a Republican.


If you were wondering about his name, Curly is not his birth name. He prefers to go by Curly, but this is not his given name at birth. In fact, he was born Timothy Leach, and he simply goes by Curly to those who speak with him. 9.

No one chooses to live in a community of 48 people without even the most basic of necessities without being very private. Curly Leach is a private man. No one knows anything about him. His age is undetermined.

Why did Mary come to Port Protection?

Mary came to Port Protection to get away from the real world, and stayed when she found the freedom and community she was looking for.”.

“Squibb has been living in Port Protection for 17 years, and he’ll be the first to tell you why it was the best decision he made. His philosophy is that the modern world values financial wealth, mundane jobs, and that we get lost in the consumption of products that have small lifespans. When he came to this realization he decided to seek out a life in the wilderness where he could build his own necessities and find wealth in experience and nature. He feels the people in Port Protection live like ‘kings on pennies,’ and he loves every minute of his self-proclaimed ‘minimalist lifestyle.’”

The difference between the regular LBZ and the Port Protection version, he said, is the show’s “quirky characters”— but there’s also a different focus on what they’re doing in Alaska.

Life Below Zero ’s expansion starts tonight on National Geographic Channel, when Life Below Zero: Port Protection premieres (NatGeo, Tuesdays at 9), following about 15 percent of the residents of a small Alaskan community.

I asked the show’s executive producer, Joseph Litzinger, from production company BBC Studios, what has changed from Port Protection Alaska, and he said it’s “a fresh take on the much loved first season, with an added Life Below Zero edge.”. The difference between the regular LBZ and the Port Protection version, he said, …

But as its trailer and commercials—set to the haunting song “Hey Boy in the Pines” by Danny Farrant and Paul Rawson —show, it retains Life Below Zero’s signature visuals, but it is a separate series.


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