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Meanwhile, Cassie’s father became addicted to painkillers and eventually heroin before he stopped coming around. Having family members who abuse drugs and alcohol is actually something that Sweeney has in common with her character.

Regarding this, Why can’t Rue open a Jolly Rancher?

Fans on Reddit have suggested a deeper meaning behind this scene. “She didn’t have the strength to open the wrapper until she mustered the courage to apologize to Ali and lift a weight from her chest, and in doing so she was rewarded for her step toward sobriety and a healthier life,” one wrote.

Then Is Cassie pregnant in Euphoria? It is also worth mentioning that Cassie got pregnant in Season 1 of Euphoria. She found out that she was pregnant with McKay’s baby and eventually decided to have an abortion.

Why does Rue hold in her pee?

Back at home, Rue has held off peeing for so long that she’s on the edge of a kidney infection. Her mom finds her in agony on the floor on the way to the bathroom and helps her, getting her cleaned up and settled back in some clean sheets, realizing that her Rue is in the middle of a depressive episode.

Subsequently, What is Cassie’s Secret in Euphoria? Rue Calls Out Cassie

In Episode 5, Rue unveils Cassie’s big secret that she’s been sleeping with Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi).

Why is Rue yawning Euphoria?

While Rue’s constant yawning throughout the episode seems to be her most prominent sign of withdrawal, she also endures more intense symptoms such as extreme sweating, abdominal cramping, and vomiting. Rue runs all over town in hopes of finding drugs, eventually ending up on Fez’s (Angus Cloud) doorstep.

Does Nate have feelings Jules?

In season two, episode three of “Euphoria”, it was finally revealed to Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) that his son, Nate (Jacob Elordi), is “in love” with Jules (Hunter Schafer).

Why is Nate so angry Euphoria?

It is suggested that this discovery had a great impact on Nate and is potentially the cause of his severe anger issues. Nate also went to extreme lengths to protect his father’s secret. He extorted Jules — his trans classmate whom Cal slept with in the series premiere — so he could maintain his family’s status.

Did Cassie tell McKay she was pregnant?

Sweeney reveals why Cassie eventually told her boyfriend that she was pregnant. Continuing on, Sweeney shared that when Cassie speaks with her sister later it cements her decision to tell McKay that she’s pregnant.

What did Nate do to Fez?

Nate, who is played by Kissing Booth star Jacob Elodri, didn’t take too kindly to Fez’s criticism however. Ultimately, Nate chose to get his revenge by calling the cops on Fez, forcing the dealer to flush his stash rather than go to jail.

Who is the father of Cassie’s baby Euphoria?

In episode 7, it is revealed that Cassie was pregnant with McKay’s child. Cassie was worried about how McKay would react, but also somewhat happy. When she told McKay, he reacted badly.

Does Euphoria make you depressed?

Euphoria is sad. Bingeing the series in the winter probably comes with an 80 percent chance of depression. It’s like watching BoJack Horseman, but with less comedy to soften the sadness you can feel from its characters.

Does Jules cheat on Rue?

3) Jules literally cheats on Rue

Rue and Jules never make clear if their relationship is monogamous but it’s pretty evident that Rue has eyes for no one but Jules. Meanwhile, Jules tells Rue that she is also in love with Anna in season 1 and sleeps with Elliot behind Rue’s back in season 2.

Why is Rue depressed episode 7?

Jules visits a friend, Rue is stuck in her depression

Back with Jules, she’s also feeling depressed, mostly for lying to the police about Tyler committing a crime. She decides to take her mind off of it by going to visit a friend.

What happens to Fez in Euphoria?

Fez gets shot in the stomach in the crossfire before watching one of the red dots land on Ashtray’s forehead. And though viewers hear the gunshot and see Fez’s anguished face, Euphoria doesn’t explicitly show Ashtray’s death.

Are Lexi and Cassie twins?

So, we know for certain Lexi and Cassie are not twins – Cassie is Lexi’s older sister by a little over a year. While the sisters could, in theory, be in the same grade, it’s most likely that Cassie is a senior and Lexi is a junior.

Who dies in Euphoria?

Despite Fez’s screams of, “he’s just a kid”, he was helpless as the two parties exchanged fire. After a dramatic shootout, Ashtray was shot dead in front of a devastated Fez. “This moment between Ash and Fez is gonna haunt me for a long time,” one fan wrote.

Why was Rue holding her bladder?

Back at home, Rue has held off peeing for so long that she’s on the edge of a kidney infection. Her mom finds her in agony on the floor on the way to the bathroom and helps her, getting her cleaned up and settled back in some clean sheets, realizing that her Rue is in the middle of a depressive episode.

Why is Rue hitting her leg?

Zendaya revealed to Entertainment Weekly that she still has scars on her legs from filming the fifth episode of “Euphoria” Season 2, titled “Stand Still Like the Hummingbird.” The devastating episode finds her character Rue having a breakdown while in withdrawal from drugs.

Why was Rue stomach hurting?

However, many Euphoria fans have taken to the internet to ask one question: why was Rue yawning, sweating and getting sick so much? Well, it turns out, there is a very real reason why she was doing so, since they are common symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

Who is Shy Guy 188 Euphoria?

Another that we all knew a few weeks ago: Jules’ new online suitor, someone named ShyGuy, who said his name was “Tyler,” was actually Nate, Cal’s violent football player son.

Is Jules in love with Rue?

While Rue and Jules love each other deeply, Rue still harbours a lot of resentment towards Jules over her relapse. Of course, Jules didn’t actively cause Ru
e to relapse but Rue associates her relapse with Jules abandoning her. Until Rue works past this, their relationship will suffer.

What did Cal do Jules?

In season one, Cal and Jules hook up after Jules tells him she’s 22 (which she’s most definitely not). Cal records the two of them together without Jules’s consent — something he seems to do with all his dalliances. Nate then finds Jules’s tape, which throws him for a loop, since the two know each other.

Who is Nate’s girlfriend in Euphoria?

Nathaniel “Nate” Jacobs

He has a relationship with Maddy during season 1, and during season 2 he starts a secret relationship with Cassie.

Did Nate sleep with Jules?

In a motel, the two engage in intercourse, before Jules leaves and heads to the party, wandering inside. Roughly at the same time, Maddy Perez, Nate’s girlfriend, makes out with a boy in the pool, enraging him.

What mental illness does Nate Jacobs have?

He’s not just aggressive; he’s psychopathic. The first episode showed Nate flipping out in a fit of anger after seeing his ex-girlfriend with another man. The second episode showed the painstaking, elaborate lengths Nate went to exact his revenge—not a crime of passion, but a professional hit job.

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