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Once you’ve completed Act 2, and you watch a cutscene where Selene crashes a car with her child in it into a river, you’ll reawaken in the Overgrowth Ruins, the game’s fourth world.

For instance, What happens when you finish Returnal? Unlock Act III: When the player beats the game, they will receive an Act II trophy, but there is an Act III trophy available with more content. To unlock this, go back to the forest biome to discover the new house sequence. This will lead players down more story content to discover.

Does Returnal have a true ending? Returnal is a very mysterious game at its core, and there’s even a secret true ending that is only obtainable after beating the final boss that provides closure to the game’s story. That’s right, Returnal isn’t over once you beat the final boss.

Besides, What happens if you finish Returnal without dying?

If you don’t die, you can miss those items because they’re tied to the game’s procedurally generated map.

Beside above, What do you play after Returnal?

5 Roguelikes to Play After Returnal

  • FTL Is Like Returnal If Selene Never Landed.
  • Hades Has Returnal’s Unforgiving Combat.
  • Void Bastards Gives A Whole New Take On Space Exploration.
  • Rogue Legacy Set A Certain Stage For Returnal.
  • Dead Cells Has A Surprising Similarity To Returnal.

Is Returnal just a dream?

The idea behind that explanation is that Selene was obsessed with her work, was in a terrible car accident partially caused by fatigue, and has essentially imagined her journey through Returnal as either a dream formed in her dying moments or some way to cope with what really happened by replacing the events of this

Does Selene ever escape in Returnal?

Selene Physically Survived The Crash

She survived the crash physically, but spiritually, she lived a hollow life, filled only with illusions of her accomplishments and family which did not actually come to be. She comes across evidence that she died at the age of 63.

What is Returnal secret ending?

Just when you think you’re done with Returnal, it pulls you back in. This is the secret ending of Returnal, obtained by collecting the six sunface fragments after beating the game for the first time, and then beating the game again once you obtain the car key from the final house sequence.

Can you save Returnal?

During play, as long as you’re not in the middle of a combat encounter, you can pause the game and select ‘Suspend Cycle’. Doing so creates a save, and you’ll safely be able to then quit the game.

Do you have to refight bosses Returnal?

Do You Have to Fight Bosses Again? The answer to this question is no. Returnal doesn’t actually force you to fight the bosses that have already been defeated, even when a run gets restarted because of a death. After each boss fight, a Gateway opens up that transports Selene to the next biome.

What is the point of Returnal?

Returnal is a roguelike/lite, which sees your character return again and again to the beginning of the game (until a certain point, then it’s starts at a midway point). All you’ve accumulated disappears: no weapons, no common currency, no upgrades.

Is Risk of Rain like Returnal?

Risk of Rain 2 is a minimalist game in presentation, but the complete opposite in gameplay. It’s a third-person roguelike and uses many of the same ideas seen in Returnal, with players being placed on an alien planet and having to survive by blasting through hostiles in numerous different environments.

Is Returnal like Dark Souls?

Returnal is a fast-paced bullet hell shooter that favors jumps and mid-air dashes, structured around roguelike and Metroidvania-esque level design. Dark Souls demands a much slower pace and, depending on your character build, primarily close-range combat.

Is Returnal coming to PC?

Returnal marks developer Housemarque’s debut on the PS5 and will also be its first game developed for the new generation of consoles. Since it was unveiled, there was no mention of the game arriving on other platforms than the PS5, which means that there’s currently no Returnal PC release date.

Will Returnal get a sequel?

Housemarque is busy with a different game

While nice, these upgrades do not amount to a proper “Returnal 2,” which has not been announced in any capacity. According to a VentureBeat interview with key individuals at the studio, Housemarque is working on a new IP, as opposed to a “Returnal” sequel.

Can you win Returnal?

There are challenges to estimating the time it takes to beat Returnal. Like with most roguelike games, it’s technically possible, but not likely, to defeat the game on the first try.

Who is Helios in Returnal?

Helios represents Selene’s son, who is also named Helios. In one of the house encounters while playing as the son, the door to his room will shut in your face, revealing his name.

How many ending does Returnal have?

The game’s first two endings are unlocked by simply playing far enough through the game. The hidden ending can only be obtained if the player finds a pair of car keys when Selene is hallucinating or if the player is taken back to her old house. So there are a total of 3 endings in the game.

Is Atropos real?

The scientific name of a venomous snake, Bitis atropos, refers to Atropos.

Is ophion the last boss?

As you plunge deeper into the depths of the Abyssal Scar, you’ll encounter Ophion, the final boss standing behind you and the answers you seek. Here’s how to defeat the final boss Ophion in Returnal.

Are Sunface fragments permanent?

Sunface Fragments are permanent key items. You do NOT need to collect them all in a single run. Return to the House in the Overgrown Ruins. Enter the House again to receive the Car Key Item.

Is Returnal better now?

Major Returnal update transforms it into a serious GOTY contender. One of 2021’s best games just got better. One of 2021’s best games is Returnal, a creepy roguelike PlayStation 5 exclusive from Finnish studio Housemarque.

Does Returnal save after each biome?

Returnal only saves when you complete an entire biome or die and start over. And then, it only logs that you beat the boss of a particular biome, and it only carries over permanent items, such as the grappling hook. There’s is no way to manually save progress during a cycle, and there are no save points.

Is Returnal hard?

Returnal released in April as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, and received favorable reviews from critics. However, the game is notorious for its high level of difficulty, causing Returnal to fall off people’s radars in recent months. Although its gameplay is challenging, Returnal’s concept is fairly straight forward.

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