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Who is Abira Greene?

This is what you need to know about Abira Greene an American Exotic Dancer, Rapper, and a reality television star well known for being a cast on the show Little Women: Atlanta on the Lifetime network. Before she started appearing on the show, Greene had moved to Atlanta to pursue her musical career. Green made her debut on the third season of …

Abira Greene Net Worth. Green has an approximated net worth of $1 million -$5 million U.S dollars. Her career as a reality television star and exotic dancer is the primary source of her income.

In 2018, she was rumored to be dating her new boyfriend rapper Bumpman.

Green is the mother of four children (two sons named Jazsper and J-Henri, and two daughters named Terbira and Phebe). Her youngest daughter Phebe is the only little person out of all of her children. Left to right: Terbira, Phebe, Abira, J-Henri, and Jazsper.

What episode does Abira Greene appear in?

Abira Greene makes her final appearances in Season 3 in the episodes, “Season 3 Reunion: Part 1”, and “Season 3 Reunion: Part 2”. In ” Season 3 Reunion – Part 1 “, Abira joins the cast on stage after the flashback of the verbal altercation between her and the twins is shown.

Abira Sade Greene was born on March 6, 1986. She is from Tampa, Florida. The type of dwarfism that Abira has is Achondroplasia. She was an exotic dancer under the name “Fire”, and danced for 10 years. Greene has appeared in videos on, in rapper Plies’ music video for his song “I Am The Club”, and even performed at a party for rapper Lil Wayne. She is friends with Little Women: Atlanta cast member Tanya Scott. The two used to dance together.

Abira says she’s used to dancing in front of the crowds. In the commentary, Sam says she wishes Abira would take responsibility for her part in the fight with the twins. Abira says she was just dancing. In the commentary, Juicy says Abira is playing dumb and she knows that she loves the attention.

Abira says when someone calls her the B-word it ticks her off because coming up she had to fight for respect as a woman and as a little woman. She says if she and Minnie had communicated in the first place, the ball wouldn’t have kept rolling. Minnie says she wants to move forward.

Then Amanda asks Abira where her baby daddy is and that she has two baby daddies. Then two strangers hold the twins back and pull them away from Abira. The twins yell insults at Abira, including the b-word. Juicy and Abira are at least 40 feet away from the twins and the rest of the ladies.

Abira says that it was obvious that Minnie couldn’t fit the pair of waders that she had on, because it takes ten of her to fit in the suit that she had on. Abira says she will try to have a conversation with Minnie.

Abira says that she might bring the “twerk” out of the twins that night at the gig. When it’s time for the party to start, Amanda and Andrea get on the microphones, introduce themselves, and ask the crowd if they’re ready to party. Unfortunately, the crowd isn’t really feeling the twins’ vibe.

Where is Abira Greene from?

While she’s made a name for herself on Little Women: Atlanta, Abira Greene is actually from Tampa, Florida. Prior to reality TV, Abira worked as an exotic dancer and went by the name “Fire”. Now, she is working to break into hip hop and goes by Lil Vee (as in Vicious).

Abira Greene’s kids. In addition to being a reality TV star, a dancer and a rapper, Abira is also a mother. She has four children, Jazper, Terbira, J-Henry and Phebe. Three of Abira’s children are not little people while Phebe is.


Abira Greene is currently appearing in her third season of Little Women: Atlanta after making her debut during Season 3 of the Lifetime series. Initially, she was brought on as a friend of Tanya Scott, who hasn’t appeared at all during Season 5. Though she’s still listed as a recurring cast member, that hasn’t stopped Abira from taking a front …


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