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Owners of a field mouse patronus are extremely loving and kind. Also, a field mouse patronus can represent an owner who is a very good listener, and can tell whats wrong with someone, maybe before they even understand it themselves. Making them amazing friends.

What is Luna Lovegood’s Patronus? In the films, Lynch’s patronus for Lovegood was a hare, but after taking the official quiz, she was assigned a salmon, which wasn’t quite what she had anticipated.

Simply so, What is the most common Patronus in Slytherin? Slytherins also had more “exotic” Patronuses than Ravenclaws did.

Most Common Patronuses:

  • Birds: Eagle (8.1% of birds), Magpie (5.6%), Falcon (5.1%), Raven (5.1%), White Swan (4.7%)
  • Felines: Domesticated cats made up ~13.5% of the total alone (~82.8 of felines), with Nebelung being the most popular (14.8% of dom.

Was Snape’s Patronus always a doe? Snape’s Patronus was either always a doe, or was originally whatever Lily’s Patronus was (or its male equivalent) before she truly fell in love with James, and changed to a doe after her death.

What is the best Patronus on Pottermore?

Harry Potter: The 15 Most Powerful Patronus, Ranked

  1. 1 Professor Dumbledore’s Phoenix.
  2. 2 Harry’s Stag. …
  3. 3 *James Potter’s Stag. …
  4. 4 *Lily Potter’s Doe. …
  5. 5 Snape’s Doe. …
  6. 6 Kingsley Shacklebolt’s Lynx. …
  7. 7 Dolores Umbridge’s Cat. …
  8. 8 Aberforth Dumbledore’s Goat. …

Also What is Lupin’s Patronus? According to J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore entry on Remus, his Patronus was a normal wolf, not a werewolf, due to their non-threatening and family-orientated nature. However, since Lupin hated all things wolf, he shied away from casting corporeal Patronuses, instead opting to produce non-corporeal ones.

What is McGonagall’s Patronus? Minerva McGonagall’s Patronus takes the same shape as her Animagus form: A tabby cat. McGonagall can transform into a silver tabby cat with square spectacles markings around her eyes.

What are Gryffindor Patronuses? Gryffindors are known for, above all else, their bravery. Those with a stag for their patronus are no strangers to courage. Stags are known as the kings of the forest. … In Buddhism, the stag symbolizes harmony and peace–funny, considering infamous Gryffindor troublemaker James Potter had a stag for his patronus.

What is a Ravenclaw Patronus?

its actually an eagle. its an eagle because the house symbols are actually the patronuses of the original founders of hogwarts. so that would mean that rowena ravenclaw’s patronus was an eagle.

Is Snape Harry’s dad? No, Snape is definitely not Harry’s dad. James Potter is Harry’s dad.

What is Hermione Patronus?

Otter (Hermione Granger)

Her Patronus, the otter, is a clever and dexterous animal; some have even been known to juggle small rocks.

How do you get Slytherin on Pottermore? Each house corresponds to one answer.

  1. Gryffindor = Tell Professor Flitwick to ask your classmate.
  2. Ravenclaw = Tell Professor Flitwick the truth.
  3. Hufflepuff = Lie and say you don’t know.
  4. Slytherin = Don’t wait and tell before the exam started.

Can a Phoenix be a Patronus?

Phoenix. Count yourself lucky if your Patronus is a phoenix – they’re extremely rare, but they signify a very gracious and virtuous soul who has overcome difficulties in life. The phoenix, known for its ability to rise from its own ashes, represents renewal and rebirth as well as the victory of life over death.

Was Bill Weasley a werewolf?

Bill did not become a werewolf but did develop a liking for very rare steaks. It was his injuries that finally convinced his mother that Fleur was the right choice for him.

Who let slip Lupin was a werewolf? What happened two years earlier? Oh yeah, Snape “accidentally” let slip that Lupin was a werewolf. Snape was probably bitter over the whole not being able to kill Sirius Black and losing the Merlin.

Is filch McGonagall’s son? They are great reads and I promise there are a plethora of rich and interesting character relationships and dynamics, even if Filch being McGonagall’s son isn’t one of them. *information released on has now informed us that McGonagall was in fact married.

What is Peter Pettigrew’s Patronus?

Peter Pettigrew
Biographical information
Wand 91/4″, Chestnut, dragon heartstring 131/2″, Yew, phoenix feather (briefly)
Patronus None

What is Draco Malfoy Patronus? His Patronus is a dragon, since his name means dragon in Latin and he shows no particular fondness for any other creature. He could also have a white peacock Patronus, since Malfoy Manor has white peacocks at the entrance.

Is Hermione heir of Slytherin?

The only reason Hermione wasn’t put in Slytherin is because she’s muggleborn. … Ambition, resourcefulness, cunning, cleverness, and fraternalism are all traits Hermione Granger possesses. They are also all traits of a Slytherin.

What is Helga Hufflepuff’s Patronus? Helga Hufflepuff: Her patronus would be a badger.

What is Hufflepuff Patronus?

Your patronus is a badger! The badger is a black and white mammal that is often found living in dens that they’ve created in the earth. Despite their size, badgers are very strong creatures. … With the badger as your patronus, there is no doubt that you display many Hufflepuff traits.

What does marsh harrier patronus mean? A marsh harrier patronus can represent an owner who is extremely smart and witty. Much like Ravenclaw who represent intelligence and wit. As well as that a marsh harrier patronus can represent quick thinkers who often think of new ideas, just like Ravenclaw who are creative and tend to think quickly and logically.

Why is Hermione not in Ravenclaw?

Originally Answered: Why wasn’t Hermione in Ravenclaw? Hermione wasn’t in Ravenclaw because she valued bravery over intelligence and curiosity. She says so herself many times. One of the first things she says to Ron and Harry is “Do either of you know what house you’ll be in?

What was Helga hufflepuffs patronus? Helga Hufflepuff: Her patronus would be a badger.

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