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How tall is Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn? Christine is actually one of the tallest members of The Oppenheim Group. The agent revealed she is 5ft 9in during an interview with Grazia. Christine told the publication her height as she was questioned about just how tall her bosses Jason and Brett Oppenheim are.

It has to be said the female stars of Selling Sunset are also models and constantly wearing heels, so Jason may be taller than some think! Brett is also the same height as Jason. It has been reported that Jason is 5 ft 6. #sellingsunset is INTENSE. I have many questions. The burning one is what height are Brett and Jason?

Christine Quinn Selling Sunset She is a cast member of the Netflix docu-soap series ‘Selling Sunset’ which follows the employees of The Oppenheim Group, a prominent real estate brokerage in L.A. She competes with her colleagues to sell some of the most elite mansions Los Angeles, Calif.

Speaking to us, Christine revealed: ‘‘I’m 5ft9 and they’re 5ft3.’ So, now you have the truth. Christine also told us that the next season has – somewhat predictably – been postponed due to coronavirus.

How tall is Christine from Selling Sunset?

There’s no exact details on Christine’s height. Reports suggest that she stands at around 5ft 7 inches tall. And with those killer heels she wears in every episode, she usually towers over the rest of her Selling Sunset cast mates. [Netflix]

In an interview with Screen Rant, Christine clarified the value of her engagement ring. Well, her three engagement rings. Her main engagement ring is worth over $1m and has a total carat weight of 20ct, all set in platinum.

Christine Quinn: 11 facts about Selling Sunset star including age, net worth and husband. From her millionaire husband to her own net worth, here’s everything you need to know about Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn. 1. Get to know Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn, from her husband to her net worth… If you’ve ever watched Netflix’s real estate …

Christine is 31 years old. Her birthday is on October 14th, which makes her a Libra – but you’ll already know that if you follow her on social media. She was born in 1988. [Netflix]

[Netflix] 10. Christine Quinn’s wedding: Inside the lavish ceremony. Christine’s extravagant wedding to Richard took place at Cathedral of Saint Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles, in December 2019.

Christine wore two black gowns designed by Galia Lahav, walked down the aisle to a string quartet playing Ava Max’s ‘Sweet But Psycho’. The gothic winter wonderland wedding looked incredible, and fans will be able to see some of it in Selling Sunset season 3. 11.

2. Who is Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn? Christine is a Realtor Associate who has been working at The Oppenheim Group for five years. Before joining the world of real estate, Christine worked in fashion and entertainment, and also featured in Vogue magazine.

When did Christine and Christian get married?

Christine secretly got married to Christian Richard on December 15, 2019 in a gothic winter wonderland-themed wedding at a downtown Los Angeles cathedral in front of 75 friends and family.

Christine Quinn Biography. Christine Quinn is an American television personality and a realtor working at The Oppenheim Group. She is a cast member of the Netflix docu-soap series ‘Selling Sunset’.



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