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Valerie Worth Bahlke, a poet and novelist for young readers, died on Sunday at her home in Clinton, N.Y. She was 60. The cause was cancer, her family said.

Accordingly, What inspired Valerie Worth?

Valerie Worth’s love of literature, especially poetry, was sparked by her parents. “Both my parents read poetry,” she told me. “My father wrote poetry himself—poetry connected to the world of nature and biology.

Moreover, What award did Valerie Worth receive in 1991?

Valerie Worth was honored by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) in 1991 with its Poetry Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children, which acknowledges a body of work.

Also How long did Valerie Worth live?

Valerie Worth
Born Valerie WorthOctober 29, 1933 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Died July 31, 1994 (aged 60) Clinton, New York, United States
Occupation Writer and poet
Language English

When did Valerie Worth?

Valerie Worth
Died July 31, 1994 (aged 60) Clinton, New York, United States
Occupation Writer and poet
Language English
Nationality American

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Did Valerie Worth win any awards?

Valerie Worth was honored by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) in 1991 with its Poetry Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children, which acknowledges a body of work.

What is shaped poetry?

A shape poem, or concrete poem, is an arrangement of words on a page into shapes or patterns that reveal an image, such as in a calligram. These visual poems are an artistic blend of the literary and the visual arts.

What are some of Walter Dean Myers poems?

Walter Dean Myers Poems

  • Summer. I like hot days, hot days. Sweat is what you got days. Bugs buzzin from cousin to cousin. Juices dripping. …
  • Love That Boy. Love that boy, like a rabbit loves to run. I said I love that boy. …
  • Harlem: A Poem. They took the road in Waycross, Georgia. Skipped over the tracks in East St. Louis.

What poems did Valerie Worth write?

Valerie Worth Poems

  • Grass. Grass on the lawn. says nothing: Clipped, empty, Read Poem.
  • Dog. Under a maple tree. the dog lies down, Lolls his limp. Read Poem.
  • Fireworks. First. A far thud. Then the rocket. Read Poem.

What are the 3 types of odes?

There are three main types of odes:

  • Pindaric ode. Pindaric odes are named for the ancient Greek poet Pindar, who lived during the 5th century BC and is often credited with creating the ode poetic form. …
  • Horatian ode. …
  • Irregular ode.

Why is it called concrete poetry?

Their work was termed “concrete poetry” after they exhibited along with the artists in the National Exhibition of Concrete Art (1956/57). … The difficulty in defining such a style is admitted by Houédard’s statement that “a printed concrete poem is ambiguously both typographic-poetry and poetic-typography”.

How long is a bio poem?

A Bio poem is a poem about someone. Strictly speaking it describes that person in 11 lines. However, Bio-poems can be whatever length you want them to be. They don’t have to be 11 lines long and you don’t have to include exactly three ideas in any of the lines.

Why did Walter Dean Myers write hoops?

Since this was my interest as a young person, I think it’s natural that I write about it. Hoops was an obvious outgrowth of my interest, as most of my books are. What is your favorite basketball team? My favorite basketball team is the NEW YORK KNICKS!!

Who is Walter Dean Myers wife?

Walter Dean Myers died at age 76. He’s survived by his wife, Constance, and his children Christopher (an artist who often collaborated with him on children’s picture books) and Michael Dean. His daughter, Karen, died earlier.

What is Antistrophe English?

1a : the repetition of words in reversed order. b : the repetition of a word or phrase at the end of successive clauses. 2a : a returning movement in Greek choral dance exactly answering to a previous strophe.

What is a famous ode?

Some of the most famous historical odes describe traditionally romantic things and ideas: William Wordsworth’s “Ode on Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood” is an ode to the Platonic doctrine of “recollection”; John Keats’s “Ode on a Grecian Urn” describes the timelessness of art; and Percy …

Do odes rhyme?

Modern odes are usually rhyming — although that isn’t a hard rule — and are written with irregular meter. Each stanza has ten lines each, and an ode is usually written with between three and five stanzas. There are three common ode types: Pindaric, Horatian, and irregular.

What else can you call a concrete poem?

Concrete poetry, also known as shape poetry, is defined as a type of poetry that uses some sort of visual presentation to enhance the effect of the poem. While the words, writing style and literary devices all impact the meaning of the poem, the physical shape the poem takes is also significant.

Do concrete poems always rhyme?

A poem with a shape which suggests the subject. The poet arranges the letters, punctuation, and lines to create a visual image on the page. Poetry written without a regular rhythmical pattern, or meter. … The poem is divided into three quatrains and every other line rhymes.

Is concrete a poem?

Concrete poetry, poetry in which the poet’s intent is conveyed by graphic patterns of letters, words, or symbols rather than by the meaning of words in conventional arrangement.

Can a bio poem be about yourself?

A Bio Poem is all about you. It is a way for you to introduce yourself to others. Take so
me time to think about yourself – your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Then, use the template and example below to write your own Bio Poem.

What does Biopoem mean?

A bio poem is a simple poem written about a person, and it follows a predictable pattern. … It’s best to have students begin by writing Bio Poems about themselves, but later they can write about famous historical figures or story characters.

How many lines make up a Diamante?

A diamante poem, or diamond poem, is a style of poetry that is made up of seven lines. The text forms the shape of a diamond (◊). The form was developed by Iris Tiedt in A New Poetry Form: The Diamante (1969).

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