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In the start of the series, Ethan is thirteen to fourteen years old but he gets older as the season goes. Everything always seems to turn out well for Ethan. Ethan had the longest record of not being on lockdown but he finally got put on lockdown after all those years.

Simply so, When did Isaak Presley start dating Mackenzie Ziegler? Time to move on. Mackenzie Ziegler finally addressed her breakup from ex-boyfriend Isaak Presley during an emotional Instagram Live. The pair, who began dating in August 2019, first sparked split rumors after fans noticed their dwindling exchanges and posts about each other on social media.

How old is Harley Diaz? Harley first celebrates her birthday on April 22 by turning thirteen. Her fourteen birthday was not shown on ‘Stuck in the Middle’ but she had to be 14 because she turned 13 in 2016 which means in 2017 she turned 14.

How old is Georgie from Stuck in the Middle?

Georgie Diaz
Gender Female
Age 14-15 (season 1) 15 (season 2) 16 (season 3)
Eye Color
Family Suzy Diaz (mother) Tom Diaz (father) Rachel Diaz (older sister) Ethan Diaz (younger brother) Harley Diaz (younger sister) Lewie Diaz (younger brother) Beast Diaz (youngest brother) Daphne Diaz (youngest sister)

How old is Jenna from Stuck in the Middle?

She’s getting to use all her insight as the star of the new Disney Channel series, “Stuck in the Middle.” The 13-year-old actress plays Harley Diaz, an inventor, experimenter, mediator and persuader who’s the middle child of seven children.

Secondly Who is Kenzie Ziegler ex? When Kenzie and Tacoda went Instagram official, her ex-boyfriend Isaak Presley was nothing but supportive. He commented on a pic of the two stars, according to the Instagram account TikTok Room.

Who is Isaak Presley ex? Former Disney Channel star Isaak PresleyOpens in a new Window. is under fire after allegedly cheating on ex-girlfriend Carson TiffanyOpens in a new Window.. The TikTok star told fans via Instagram Stories on December 19 that she and the Stuck in the Middle.

Why did Kenzie Ziegler and Isaak split? Mackenzie clarified the reason for the split was because neither of them are in a ‘good mental state right now’ and that they decided to be friends.

How old is Ellie?

Ellie is a bright and mature 15 (“practically 16”) year old who lives in Joe’s apartment building in LA.

How old is Rachel from Stuck in the Middle? Ronni Hawk as Rachel Diaz (seasons 1–2; special guest, season 3), the oldest of the seven children and Harley’s vain older sister. In “Stuck with No Rules”, it is revealed that she is 16.

How old was Harley in Stuck in the Middle?

As the fourth in a family of seven kids, 12-year-old Harley Diaz (Jenny Ortega) is used to being STUCK IN THE MIDDLE as her needs are overlooked among her siblings — Rachel (Ronni Hawk), Ethan (Isaak Presley), Georgie (Kayla Maisonet), Lewie (Nicolas Bechtel), Beast (Malachi Barton), and Daphne (Ariana Greenblatt).

Who is Harley Diaz boyfriend? Aidan Peters is a recurring character in Stuck in the Middle. He is Ellie Peters’ cousin, who moves into the Peters’ house. He is Harley’s boyfriend.


How old was Jenna Ortega when she started to act?

Jenna Ortega was born in the Coachella Valley and started acting when she was 8 1/2 years old.

Is Maddie Ziegler single 2021?

The dancer-turned-actress is currently in a relationship with musician Eddie Benjamin. In a September 2019 interview with Marie Claire, Maddie got real about why she decided to keep her relationship with Eddie out of the public eye.

How old is Delilah? Carmela Zumbado – 28

Joe’s neighbour and investigative journalist, Delilah Alves, is played by Carmela Zumbado. Carmela is 28-years-old and is best known for playing Denise Martinez in Netflix’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Where is Naiah and Elli? Naiah and Elli is at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Does Joe help Ellie?

With CPS and the Quinn family after her, Joe gives Ellie money and tells her to run away and start a new life on the other side of the country. The fact that Joe let Ellie go with the knowledge of Delilah’s murder left fans wondering whether or not she would return to seek revenge or expose Joe and Love in season 3.

Why did Olivia from On My Block leave? She was part of the main cast for the first two seasons, then part of the way through the series’ third season, she left the show with her character having left to attend college in Paris while doing a fashion internship.

Is Stuck in the Middle based on Malcolm in the Middle?

This show is basically a Malcolm in the Middle rip-off except with a girl as the lead plus 2 extra sibling thrown in the mix. Just watch the Loud House on Nickelodeon or reruns of Malcolm in the Middle. Much more entertaining, better written and funnier this bland and stupid piece of crap show.

Does Aidan like Harley? Portrayed by

Harley & Aidan is the pairing of Harley Diaz and Aidan Peters as girlfriend and boyfriend. They started off as enemies, but after spending time together at a wrestling convention, they both develop feelings for each other.

Who is the richest dance mom girl?

Brooke Hyland has laid pretty low since Dance Moms

While Brooke might not be raking in the millions or starring in movies and shows, she still has an impressive net worth for someone her age. According to The Richest, Brooke reportedly has a net worth of about $250,000.

Who is Maddie Ziegler ex? ” Maddie, who has remained mostly tight-lipped about her relationship with the bassist, said that after a viral breakup with ex, Jack Kelly, she is adamant about keeping the more personal aspects of her life, private.

Where is Nia Sioux now?

Nia is currently enrolled at UCLA.

Nia dropped her latest single “Low Key Love” in 2020, and she vlogs on YouTube for over a million subscribers. In 2021, she started the podcast “Adulting with Teala and Nia” alongside Teala Dunn and played Hanna Brooks in the TV movie “Imperfect High.”

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