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Luisa Madrigal is 19 years old in Encanto. The character is the middle child in the Madrigal family. Although she towers above the other characters because of her gift, Luisa is younger than sister Isabela Mirabel. Luisa is gifted with superhuman strength.

Disney’s ‘Encanto’: Who’s Older Luisa or Isabela? Many people, rats, and capybaras live in the Madrigal home. Two of the grandkids in the family are Mirabel’s older sisters, Isabela and Luisa Madrigal. Who is older between these two sisters from Encanto? Here’s what we know about the characters from Disney’s hit animated film, released in 2021.

For the Encanto characters’ ages, we gathered the data from YouTuber AussieDisneyGirl, who compiled their accurate ages. All of the information in AussieDisneyGirl’s video were the tweets from the director and writer of Encanto, Jared Bush. The triplets are aged 50. The oldest among them is Julieta, while the youngest is Bruno.

During the events of Encanto, Antonio, the youngest of the Madrigals, is just 5 years old. His ceremony, the subject of the first half of the film, is the first since Mirabel’s, whose power twist was disclosed at the start of the film.



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