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What is JB Rader’s birth sign?

JB Rader was born on April 17, in United States. Born under the birth sign of Aries , Rader holds American citizenship and belongs to the Caucasian origin. Regarding age and how many birthdays Rader celebrated is yet to confirm among wikiportals. However, judging by appearances Rader looks like someone in the ’70s.

According to IMDB record, Radar made his debut on reality TV show Moonshiners in 2015 and since has regularly featured on the show. As of 2020, he has made over 28 episodes appearances. In 2020, he also featured in the spin-off Moonshiners: Master Distiller.

One of the best moonshiners, Rader may be old but he knows how to prepare a good moonshine. He is often considered as a legend in the world of moonshine and one good sip of his moonshine is enough to tell you why. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of JB Rader.

The owner, Don Smith, met Rader through mutual friends and Rader came down to the distillery to teach his techniques for making moonshine. As Smith revealed, “We showed J.B. our facility here at South Mountain Distilling Co. and let him try all of our spirits.

One of the most interesting things about Rader is that he has never been arrested by law enforcement agencies. He lives a minimalistic lifestyle, which has been a trademark for Rader. An easy-going guy, Rader still loves to have a drink now and then.

Where is JB Rader Moonshine made?

In 2019, JB Rader teamed up with a distillery in North Carolina to produce his own line of moonshine. According to the team at the distillery, “We showed J.B. our facility here at South Mountain Distilling Co. and let him try all of our spirits.

He Still Loves To Have A Good Drink. It’s unclear exactly how old JB Rader is. However, most people estimate that he’s in his late 70s or early 80s. But despite no longer being a young man, JB still loves to have a good time.

One of the things that made JB Rader and Popcorn Sutton so successful is that they weren’t afraid to take chances. They were responsible for coming up with new and innovative ways to make moonshine and they loved to experiment with different flavors.

He Met Sutton While He Was At Work. JB Rader and Popcorn Sutton’s working relationship began in a rather ordinary way. Rader was working at a local store when Popcorn came in one day and asked if Rader had work the next day. When Rader replied no, Popcorn invited him to the distillery.

He appeared in two documentaries on Popcorn Sutton’s life including the 2008 film, The Last One and the 2014 film, Popcorn Sutton: A Hell of a Life.

JB Rader isn’t a name that many people are familiar with, but in the world of moonshine, he is considered a legend. He is exactly how to make the perfect moonshine. As a result of the attention he’s received from Moonshiners, his level of fame on the Internet is increasing as well.

Having a song written in your honor is one of the true marks of a legendary person. Singer/songwriter, Chad Triplett wrote a song in JB’s honor called “ The Legend of JB Rader “. The song highlights JB’s career as a moonshiner who worked alongside Popcorn Sutton.



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