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Jackson Michael Fuller is a character portrayed on Fuller House by Michael Campion . Jackson is the eldest son of D.J. Tanner-Fuller and the late Tommy Fuller, Sr. Like his brother, Max, Jackson is also very bright. He sees right through most of his mother’s sneaky behavior when she’s trying to ‘butter him up’ to soften the blow of bad news.

Landed a a breakthrough role as Jackson Fuller in the Netflix series Age 18 years old. Birth Sign Leo. Birthday July Jul 26, 2002 . Birthplace Atlanta, GA .

Actor | Soundtrack. Michael Campion has always wanted to become a successful actor. He was thrilled to work on the new Fuller House (2016) as “Jackson Fuller”. He previously worked on Christmas Trade (2015), with Billy Baldwin (aka William Baldwin) and Denise Richards.

The ‘Fuller House’ Cast Ages Will Surprise You. 1 Uncle Jesse Katsopolis. When the show started, John Stamos (born 1963) was 24 years old. Uncle Jesse may actually be one year older than Stamos 2 Danny Tanner. 3 Joey Gladstone. 4 D.J. Tanner. 5 Stephanie Tanner. More items

Who plays Jackson Fuller in The Producers?

Michael Campion has been cast as Jackson Fuller. The Producers auditioned over 5,000 boys for the role until they found Michael Campion. Like Jesse, he likes to play music and ride dirt bikes. Jackson had a monster crush on Lola and didn’t take a great deal at hiding it.

When Jackson’s father, Tommy Fuller, was still alive, he would take him to baseball games, and let him ride in firetrucks at work . Jackson seems to have been very close with his father, as he is the only one we see a photograph of with him, and Jackson looks back and remembers his father fondly.

However, Jackson finds out that Ramona is moving into his room, by seeing all of his stuff on the floor outside of his room. Jackson is very upset by this, as he thought the only positive about the Gibbler’s moving in, is that he can have more alone time in his “boy-cave”. Incredible PC game bundle, from $10.

So, D.J. made Jackson a special breakfast the day that the Gibbler’s were moving in, in hopes that will get him in a good mood, before she breaks the news . However, before D.J. can tell Jackson, Kimmy and Ramona come into the house with their luggage, and Kimmy yells, “Home sweet home!”.

Later on, D.J. has to tell Jackson even more bad news. Ramona is moving into Jackson’s old room, and Jackson is sharing a room with Max. This time, D.J. makes Jackson a chocolate cake in hopes that he will take the news better if he has a chocolate cake. However, Jackson finds out that Ramona is moving into his room, …

On Jackson’s sixth birthday, Ramona blew out his candles, stole his wish (which was for her to leave), and then she rode home on his pony ride pony. Jackson, even years later, is still upset about this, and he claims that Ramona ruined his cowboy party. When Jackson’s father, Tommy Fuller, was still alive, he would take him to baseball games, and let him ride in firetrucks at work .

Jackson’s fashion sense is laid-back (compared to his younger brother Max who is known for wearing a sweater vest). Jackson is similar to his Aunt Stephanie Tanner and his grand-uncle Jesse Katsopolis. Jackson has a innie bellybutton. Jackson wears briefs.

What is Jackson’s brother’s name in The Not-So-Great Escape?

Like his brother, Max, Jackson is also very bright. He sees right through most of his mother’s sneaky behavior when she’s trying to ‘butter him up’ to soften the blow of bad news. In ” The Not-So-Great Escape “, he displays a proficiency in chemistry as he confidently mixes up a solution that will cause smoke, and set off the sprinkler system and fire alarm in science class, however he receives a D- in his History class and must bring the grade up in summer school. He also displays a certain level of compassion, as this act is meant to be a distraction for Ramona ‘s escape attempt whom he is helping even though he doesn’t particularly like her. Jackson is interested in motorcycles, as he questions Jesse about his motorcycle experiences as a child, and expresses his frustration over not being allowed to have one of his own.


Their friendship is similar to D.J. and Kimmy’s friendship. In this case, however, Bobby actually creates dangerous situations for the boys, whereas Kimmy is mostly seen as weird, annoying, rude and clueless. Bobby also gets along with Jackson’s younger brother Max, while Kimmy never got along with Stephanie when they were kids (although exchanging quips with each other was something they expected).

Ramona. Ramona has a history of antagonizing Jackson, which dates back at least as far as his 6th birthday. In ” Our Very First Show, Again “, he recounts how she ruined his cowboy party stating, “She blew out my candles, she stole my wish which was for her to leave.

Rocki and Jackson first met at summer school. They are classmates and they study in the same study group. Jackson tends to get nervous around Rocki because of the way she responds to anything he says or does. They shared three kisses. Jackson asked her to be his girlfriend, which she declined because she does not like being labeled. Instead, they both agreed that they would be friends. In season four, however, Rocki became Jackson’s girlfriend until she heard him talking bad about her; she became very upset and didn’t talk to him. In the season four’s finale, she holds his hand, leaving a hopeful Jackson that they still might be boyfriend-girlfriend. In season five’s premiere, Jackson asked if Rocki holding his hand meant anything but she said that she didn’t think of it as anything special. When she asked why he asked her that question, he lied saying that he just wanted to make sure she didn’t think of it as anything special. Jackson was confused whether he and Rocki broke up or not and Rocki only makes it more confusing. At the end, Rocki forgives Jackson and they get back together.

What does Jesse tell Jackson and Max about their best friends?

After Jesse gets a talk from D.J. and Stephanie he talks to the boys. Jesse tells Jackson and Max they’re not just brothers they are best friends, the boys reconcile.

Gene believes Jackson is a natural born leader. D.J. shouts them a pizza. Uncle Jesse’s Adventures in Babysitting – While D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy are at dinner at The Gibbler House, Jesse must stay home and look after not only Pamela but also Jackson, Max, Ramona and Tommy. Sharing a room is driving Jackson and Max nuts.

Ramona offers Jackson his room back, but he stays with Max and everyone ends up in a group hug. Funner House – When Stephanie and Kimmy decide to take D.J. on a girls’ night out, they get Joey to look after the kids. All the kids want to do is play on their electronic devices, in their rooms.

Jackson wins with kings and aces; a Fuller House. War of the Roses – When 1,000 roses show up Jackson lets the delivery guy in and sign’s D.J.’s name. When Lola barely acknowledges Jackson, he asks Ramona for advice on how to get her to notice him.

The Legend of El Explosivo – Jackson comes home with bruises on his arms from skateboarding off of Bobby Popko ‘s tool-shed and wiped out. D.J. tells Jackson he’s not aloud at Bobby’s anymore. At Bobby’s house, Jackson and Bobby pad-up Max and proceed to hit him with baseball bats.

Jackson wears mistletoe on his hat to try and get a kiss from Lola, but ends up getting on from D.J. Christmas Eve. Jackson, D.J., Stephanie, Fernando, Kimmy, Max, Jimmy and Rose attend Ramona’s ballet performance of The Nutcracker.

Danny takes Jackson and Max to the fire station to ask about riding on a firetruck, but Chief Mulrooney tell s them they don’t give out rides to anyone who wants one. Danny, Jackson and Max play poker. Danny has tens and queens; a Full House. Jackson wins with kings and aces; a Fuller House.


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