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As of 2021, FunnyMike’s age is 24 years. He was born on October 8th 1996.

Correspondingly, What is jaliyah birthday? J’aaliyah So Cool was born on 6 June 2007.

Next, How tall is Badkid Jay?

He is about 5 feet 8 inches in height and his body weight is about 57 Kg. He has short and stylish black color hair and also has blistering black color beautiful and mesmerizing eyes.

What is Funny Mike’s birthday? Funny Mike was born on 8 October 1996.

Regarding this, How old is CJ So Cool daughter Karnation? Karnation So Cool was born on 3 November 2011. Karnation So Cool is 10 years old.

What is jaliyah last name?

Jaliyah Monet was born on 8 February 1998 in the United States to a well-known street legend – Lee Lucas – of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. Her family also includes her two younger sisters – Jayla and Liyah.

What is Funnymike surname?

MacArthur Johnson, better known as (Funny Mike) or (22 Savage) is a American comedian, YouTube vlogger, internet personality and rapper best known for his videos on social media platforms such as Vine and YouTube. He is also known for his singles such as “Hit That Bit For the Gram”, “Ain’t No 21”, and “Black Opps”.

How old is Dede three times?

DEDE 3X was born on 15 February 2006. DEDE 3X is 16 years old.

How old is Emily ears now?

Emily’s Ears’s Date of Birth (Birth Date) is December 3, 2002. What is Emily’s Ears age? Emily’s Ears’s real age is 18 Years as of July 2021.

How old is Dede from FunnyMike?

DEDE 3X was born on February 15, 2006 in Louisiana, USA. He has two brothers. He often collaborates with FunnyMike, who is known for posting music and comedic content.

Is Funny Mike and 21 Savage related?

The 21 Savage doppelgänger is actually McArthur Johnson, a Baton Rouge comedian and Internet personality who has previously released videos under Mighty Mike, Funny Ass Mike and now girlhefunny. 21 Savage has been aware of his imitator and he doesn’t seem to be too pleased with it.

How old is Paris from Funny Mike?

Paris is 10 years old and known by her alias BadKid Paris. Born in Beaumont Texas, BadKid Paris has been a resident of Houston Texas for 5 years. Paris’s career started off when she auditioned to become a “Bad Kid” with Funny Mike and was accepted. Paris then started her own YouTube channel.

Is Funny Mike a Millionaire?

He is an American rapper, comedian, vlogger, YouTuber, prankster, and social media personality. He is a man of many talents, you can call him whatever you want, FunnyMike is extremely successful.

Net Worth 2022:

Name FunnyMike
Profession Rapper, YouTuber
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Libra

• Mar 5, 2022

Who is Karnations dad?

Jamie, who is Karnation’s biological father was Royalty’s partner of 10-12 years and she had three children with him – J’aaliyah born in 2007, Leonidas born in 2009 and Karnation born two years later.

How old is Leonidas?

Leonidas I
Predecessor Cleomenes I
Successor Pleistarchus
Born c. 540 BC Sparta, Greece
Died 19 September 480 BC (aged around 60 ) Thermopylae, Greece

How old is Leonidas so cool?

Leonidas So Cool was born on 19 March 2009. Leonidas So Cool is 13 years old.

How old is jaliyah?

How old is Jaliyah Monet in days now? Jaliyah Monet is 24 years 3 months old.

How many kids royalty Johnson?

CJ So Cool has a blended family of six children.

See, the twins are from his marriage to Instagram star Royalty (real name: Charlene Young). Royalty has three children from a previous relationship while CJ also has another child, Camari, from a past relationship.

What does jaliyah mean?

What does Jaliyah mean? God is gracious. Hebrew.

Why did 22 Savage change name?

MacArthur Johnson originally made a name for himself on the Vine app, but his 21 Savage ripoff act brought him more recognition than ever before. Now, it looks like he’s seeking more legitimacy in his career by changing his name to Young 22. The Louisiana native announced the change on Monday (Feb. 6) via Twitter.

Where is Funny Mike Studios?

The 7000ft warehouse, content site and music studio just outside of Houston is being “graffitied” by the world renowned Graffiti Mansion crew ran by Armani Izadi.

Is Badkid mark and Badkid Dede brothers?

Badkid Mark is a YouTube star and one of the members of the famous group The Bad Kids. Born in 2005 in Louisiana, he grew up there in Baton Rouge, alongside his parents and three siblings. One of them, Mark’s younger brother, is also a social media star and a member of The Bad Kids known as DEDE 3X.

How old is Mirah Badkid?

Badkidmirah was born on 13 June 2007. Badkidmirah is 14 years old.

How old is Badkidmykel?

Bad Kid Mykel was born on 26 July 2005. Bad Kid Mykel is 16 years old.

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